Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PSY with UN General Secretary

One particular photo explains a universal law in a very simple way. Law of attraction. The moment you do something you dream about everything and everybody becomes attracted to you. You open your eyes in places you never dreamt about. You see people that only magazines can show. You give speeches for thousands of people that instantly become your fans. They sing your song and they dance the way you do. More than 800.000.000 brothers and sisters enjoy your wild video clip which is so simple and has no trick behind. Your song becomes an anthem of fun. 

I guess you all know who I am directly pointing at...yes he is PSY and there is no way you escape from his worldwide fame and his influence on major political institutions. Including UN General Office. Here is a photo of PSY in action teaching some moves to General Secretary. :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

GlobalOne Paid The First Commissions

Yesterday I looked at my ultimatepowerprofits account and I got a nice suprice it had dollars showing in it. After 4 months of waiting I can finally feel some "realness" of the deal. Yes, this is not a big chunk of money but a big promise. 

Yes, it is those time when we all became suspicious after ZEEK case because we saw that U.S SEC can get its hands into a business anytime they desire grab couple of millions and leave people uncertain about their futures. 

Global One Company will have a lot of challenges along the way. It will be hard to deal with most of them. Somehow I want to believe in these guys. Not because they are so good or trustworthy but because internet money is some kind of "fresh oxygen" in our lives. We the people make money online and it is essential for us to be sure that cashflow will be constant and flawless. It is our dream to make our 1st million via online. Thousands of men and women rely on the web-based venues. 

All I can say that we do multiple business because we are skeptical though I can see Global One do it at least for 1 year...1 year is enough to make some decent cash. 

One year is enough before some Comittee comes and starts declaring their PIMP ownership. So I guess we better be active and agressive for at least one year!

I am very positive after my account details exhibit some cash. Good Luck To All GlobalOne Guys!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Great Day Is Coming or the Next Scam Is On Its Way

Internet has always offered us thousands of deals that were too good to be true and only dozens of the venues proved themselves worthy of every dime put in them. Millions of people today look for something special. Be it a project or just and opportunity...we all seek "a life changing momentum"...when we hit that button "proceed" and we get all the abundance and joy that we constantly dream about. Though in life there is an opposite scenario to what we expect.

My journey in MLM and Online Business began in 2009 when I was looking for something other than job. Because I hated when my time was put into order for me and handful of tasks were waiting everyday. MLM sounded great...freedom of multiple choices...i got to choose my own own own destination... It was a breathtaking experience...the day I signed up for my "go"...was the day  I woke up to another reality...

I started travelling and talking to different people...I was born again...fired and ready to go...

Although I saw many people having hard times because they had no extra money in order to take a secured breath...they felt like victims and they made others feel like them...apart from everything else they had no patience...this was a real killer...they acted as if they were born after two days of being inpregnated.

Yes, after cases like ZeekRewards vs SEC you start questioning the government and banks in start blaming yourself for things you could do instead...but all you need to do is to step aside and let the wind of opportunities blow you away...

The next big promise is Ultimate Power it is a promise and until October 20th it will remain so...For some it is another Zeek and for some it is just a SCAM which was maintained in a very delicate way...all I know is it is not about eggs or is about chicken and eagles...chicken wait until they will be fed...but eagles have no time for waiting...

My sincere wish is to see more eagles today...those who have their own business...own venue...own ambitious projects...those who do not wait for happiness to come and knock their doors...those who knock every door until they find "that special door"...

Good luck to all those who signed up for Global One Opportunity...let's see what happens next...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Killer Silence On Zeek Case

I do not know about you guys but I am more than pissed off with how silent are the authorities after constant bombarding of Zeek. I open my inbox and all I see is vulture mails knocking my doors promising to help me and get me onto a new solid path. I read this low-quality messed up spam looking promise ads and I just close my eyes to remember my Retail Profit was simple but so beautiful because there was no other speculation about it. I could easily increase it with my bids and my referals.

But I am just listening to silence. A killer silence that continues already for a week. Everybody is asking me about the latest news. And I don't know what to say. Hope is good but information is better. The only group that does something is Fun Club Usa via SNR Denton....and SEC vs Zeek Case is resolved behind the doors as it is common of this federal fraudsters who enjoy seeing people in despair.

I still can not get over a thought of how come more than one million affiliates do not fight for what is theirs and what can change their whole life. Even Troy Dooly is silent although his videos are reposted regularly one after another edited with nasty intentions as to fake people out.

Killer silence continue and I feel that it about to continue for couple more weeks until we get to hear some valid news about the case of Zeek / SEC. Let's what happens then?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lies About Zeekrewards Opening Soon

More than one million affiliates wait for new updates on Zeek and the case with SEC. Everybody is intense and cautious of any news that will bring a tine piece of hope. Meanwhile I get to see some cold blooded people who do not care about our emotions and our worry. They simply go out there and put ''false" information out to web.

Recently, some "enthusiasts" put old videos of Troy Dooly with a EDITED TITLE which says Zeek Will Open Before 10th of September. I want to warn you that any information of that sort is not only source-proven but provocative for many Zeek Affiliates. We already deal with reckless federal powers who keep our 225.000.000 in the hands promising to give them back while making sure the whole process will take at least couple of years. On the other hand there is a process between Fun Club USA and SEC which has to undergo a certain number of stages.

We all need to understand that such cases do not resolve in couple of days. In our case it is better late than never. As we wait for some positive news it is highly recommended that we get information from a solid source. Otherwise we lose credit everytime we give false information to our affiliates.

I understand that it is tremendously hard and patience sucking effort to wait and to fight for Zeek but please do not misinform people with old videos or rumors that have no solid source.

Right now all we have to do is follow the work of Law Firm SNR Denton and our beloved affiliate Robert who is represented in FunClub USA...may God grant us all with patience and endurance.

May all our dreams become true...especially those that we correlated with Zeekrewards Opportunity...

So, again...if you see any "spoilt" video, blogpost or facebook post just report it as a spam and inform people about it.

The best resource so far is which was put up by Zeek Affiliates Who were against the illegal act of SEC.

The remainder of news are better to be re-evaluated and not accepted as a fact.

I wish you all good luck.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Wardrobes Women Dream About

One of Dreamers wrote this post and put these photos

If you are dreaming about a big and wide closet with colorful and different things in it- welcome to our planet- you are a real girly girl. And who said that dreaming is bad or time waste. I often watch pictures of big rooms with shoes or clothes, accessories and other different stuff just to please my imagination and feed my dreams again. Every time I feel new power of something new waiting for me somewhere near.

Morning… time to go to work. Morning routine again. I open my tiny closet with shoes, pick up what I want and close with sigh. Thoughts are visiting me “do something, something that can help you to realize your idea about a new wardrobe”.  And suddenly this little, tiny innocent idea leads to a huge one “I need a big apartment J

And here you go –starting everything from the beginning- work harder, try to save money, read more, research. So here are some bright pictures to motivate you. I am sure that everyone has a dream. So Martin Luther King epicly said “I have a dream!”

So everyone let’s all together say “I HAVE A DREAM” and go for them!

Note: Prepared by Parvin Mursagulova

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SEC will Apologize For Ponzi after White House Interruption

A new petition was put together for White House in response to SEC illegal action...there were two major challenges while putting up a petition. 

First challenge was to keep the same level of motivation with Zeek Affiliates who signed a previous petition on which ended up in 44.476 supporters all over the world. It was a smashing hit in history of any MLM or Penny Auction company when thousands of people united together to fight back online.

I am so proud to be a part of such epic moment. The next big hit was made towards White House and the whole image of United States...SEC did not take us (Zeek Affiliates) into account...they thought we were dumb victims...or dumb...we started the fight for our rights and one of these rights is a right to be in business opportunity. So in August 18th a new petition gets major flow of affliates making a track record of 28.000 sign ups, which already makes this petition granted because the minimum was 25.000 mark up.

Second challenge was to get to the real news as we only heard from the local dispatch and NC Attorney Facebook page or some kind of guerilla news agencies...while living such shortage on "solid source news" people started to back off from the fight for Zeek and let them SEC officials publicly label them as victims...

Last two days were very positive and pleasant as I saw Zeek Affiliates United under one Facebook page and web page. Fun Club USA hired SNR Denton Group. What could be better than that? Our union!

But the numbers are the best story tellers...and the numbers I see both in White House Petition and Facebook Page tell me that our spirit needs some reminder of its greatness.

If you are Zeek Affiliate and you loved Zeek more than any other program...then please share the page:

Right now the Petition itself is not defining enough...we are more than million affiliates and only 28.000 signed the petition? Where is your spirit and power? Let get back to where we were at the beginning and make these numbers double! Lets make SEC feel sorry for what they did to our company in the first place!

If you have any partners, relatives, friends who did not sign the petition just make them sign it!

Remember that it is possible to kill a man but it is impossible to win over him if does not give up. It is not done. Our Zeek Story is not over yet...Do not pack up and go to other start up companies just because they say they have a better saw that SEC don't care about a plan...bonus system...or anything else...if it is time to get money...they will reap any company of its assets! But until when???

It is time to fight for Zeek Stronger Than Ever and Make the whole world hear our voice that matters the most!

Let's fight so hard that SEC apologizes for Ponzi and frozing our money!

Good luck to all of us!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Law Firm SNR Denton Warned Zeek Affiliates

As Troy Dooly recently reported SNR Denton Law Firm received several dozens of emails from Zeek Affiliates. They officially announced that they represented Fun Club USA as the customer against SEC. And the actual payment was already deposited to their account. The exact amount of money and the lawyer who will defend our interests will be soon reported by Troy Dooly (MLM help desk) 

Law firms public relations representative warned those Zeek Affiliates who sent emails to their inbox. This way they made the case more expensive for Fun Club Usa group.

Company offers to send e-mails to another mail :

I think we are to see some big time changes in our anticipation. Listening to Troy I got that positive feeling inside which said everything is going to be fine.

As Troy says, it is the first time when Affiliates unite to figtback with SEC in court. Well, I guess we do not even wonder why that happened.

All Zeek Affiliates were insulted by SEC when they called Zeekrewards a Ponzi Scheme.

We lost our time, money and the most important of all we started to think that we are losing our lifetime opportunity to change our lives.

You can watch Troy Dooly talk about Law Firm Warning (MLM helpdesk) from this link:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Words SEC does not want Zeek Affiliates To Hear

It is time to be stronger than ever for Zeek Affiliates and other online marketers...these posters will serve a good reminder for us to remember why we came into business in first place. Zeekrewards inspired many to think big and to plan boldly for their future. Everyday we use to forget the most important thing. Our Dreams and our burning desire to be successfull... Our task is to remind ourselves of how strong we are and how possible it is to get where we want. SEC can postpone our business process but it will not put our "fire" off.

You can share these posters from our face book page:!/dreamerunion

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Law Firm of "Zeek" is Offcially Announced by Troy Dooly

Dear Zeek Affiliates World Wide,

I am really happy to report that Rex. Venture Group will be defended by a law firm which is one of the 25 largest legal services providers in the world, with lawyers and professionals in more than 60 locations worldwide. You hear me right it is SNR Denton.

I think this news is a fresh air for all people who waited for some serious fireback at SEC officials who took our business opportunity from our hands. Days of anticipation are well paid because this law firm is "huge" by all means. I have put the video of Troy giving some insight of SNR Denton. Hope you will all enjoy this news. Please make sure everyone who is Zeek Affiliate hears it.

Here are some of the awards that SNR has in portfolio:

Best Major Real Estate Construction Law Firm of the Year - Middle East, InterContinental Finance 2012 Global Awards
Ranked Band 1 Nationally, Leisure & Hospitality, Chambers USA (June 2012)

Ranked Nationally in 9 practices, Chambers USA (June 2012)
Capital Markets: Securitisation

RailRanked in China in 2 practices, Chambers Asia Pacific (March 2011)

Capital Markets: Equity (International Firms)
Dispute Resolution (International Firms)

"Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity," "Top 100 Law Firms for Women," "Top 25 Law Firms for Native Americans," Multicultural Law

"Firm to Watch in 2011," Asian Legal Business' "Watchlist 2011," SNR Denton's Hong Kong office (operating in association with Brandt Chan & Partners in Hong Kong)
Citrix Innovation Award Winner, World's Best Customer Video Contest, 2011 Summit on Customer Engagement
Law Firm of the Year - Real Estate, InterContinental Finance Magazine's Legal Excellence Awards 2011
Law Firm of the Year - Environment, InterContinental Finance Magazine's Legal Excellence Awards 2011
Law Firm of the Year - Insurance & Reinsurance, InterContinental Finance Magazine's Legal Excellence Awards 2011

For the rest of information you can go to:

And watch the Troy Dooly Report on SNR Denton here:

I wish you all have your dreams come true!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Russian Lawyer Stands For ZeekRewards against SEC

To whom it may concern,

From the first lines of my letter I want to assure you - this is not a complaint, request or a refund letter.

On the contrary, I want to make a request, and not only from my behalf, but also from international partners all over the world.

As a lawyer (though not in your country), I want to make a few assumptions about the errors made in the fact that ZeekRewards is a Ponzi, or pyramid scam that spread on the Internet, including on the website of attorney.

Given America's right, back in 1975 in the trial of KOSCOT Interplanetary, Inc developed the concept of pyramidal system, which is now taken as a basis for legal proceedings.

Specifically, the system is a pyramid, if:

- Its activities are focused not so much on the sale of products to the end consumer, but on the recruitment of new members to the system.

- Limitation of competitiveness;

- Restrictions on the advertising of the distributors;

- The possibility of increasing the number of lower layers
exponentially, leading to a depletion of the recruiting market and sales.

- Unsubstantiated claims about properties for recruiting business, the possible income of man-hours to generate income.

Now, let's evaluate the work of Rex Venture Group, Zeekrewards and Zeekler penny auction.

1. Rex Venture Group legally exists as a Registered Firm under U.S. laws.

Penny auction is a system in the U.S., is not illegal.
Bids - it's the same product, because we use them and buy the goods.

SEC claims that there was no full use of bids.

We have the right to decide what to do with bids after buying them. To use or not to use is left to our choice. After all, the person who comes in the store for purchase is not asked if he would use the product or stack it on a shelf, and because of that he has been denied on sale?

Even if the partner bought bids and then played at the auction, losing to the last, this is a problem of a partner, not the company.
The main thing is that the bids – are a commodity!

It does not matter who it was, he came up to the consumer and no one forced not have to buy bids.

And why, in your articles, you are looking for only the victims of ZeekRewards, but do not check how many people actually get items won at auction, and who bought the items that have not been won by anyone?

Compulsory recruitment of who and how many - is not a principle forced by ZeekRewards!

All of us started, and many continue to work, to advertise and advertise the auction in the first place and each of us decides to recruit others or not.

Monthly fee issue.

Do you think that this is illegal? How about the fact that the company was paying taxes?
Our monthly fee to the company - is the right to be her partner and the right to receive a portion of its profits depending on our status in it.

2. Rex Venture Group Zeekrewards does not monopolize the penny auction market.

Only in U.S you have dozens of penny auction sites that operate nationwide.
3. ZeekRewards did offer some resources for partners advertising activities.

The ban was only in need of advertising in English. But, I think that this is the opposite sign of the distinctive features of the company and tells her deeply patriotic thought. Also, inexperienced partners tend to overestimate the effectiveness of advertising and may suffer first, unnecessary costs, and second are wrong to state rules of the auction, and most affiliate programs.

4. SEC alleges that the payments would be limited by the fact that would be reduced inflow and if all partners have requested payment the company could not have done it.

Extremely dubious claim! Which can be also made in respect to any bank or credit fund.

You do not say a word, that the company made a profit, including from the online store. They were preparing to launch a new platform in this direction.

And the online store is also a pyramid?

The whole world comes to buy on the internet! And there's nothing illegal there!
It does not matter that buy goods or bids, with which you can get the product or service purchased, and who pays the online store for what it advertised.

Yes, ZeekRewards grew rapidly and reached the international level! But what's so bad that the company grows? The number of people on the planet grows, so will grow a business turnover of America, and therefore taxes. Think about it before you put the verdict.

Paul Burks has repeatedly said such letters are received and all the partners that the company prohibits someone promise anything, to speculate and to make plans and to invest, especially in well-defined size.

Human nature is different and complainers, who may not have received what they promised defaulting partner, cannot serve as an example for the conclusions of the illegal system of partnership with ZeekRewards.

State, we also promise a lot of things, but we are for your life and half of those promises do not get, but that does not mean that we leave the country because of this.

Due to several complaints, you are depriving the possibility of hundreds of thousands of people to live with dignity, in conditions that the state now has more global issues, and cannot devote adequate attention to.
Saving banks? Banks have to serve the people, not live off them.

And the amount of money that people earn in ZeekRewards, placed in the bank, just give the opportunity to develop the banking system and provide loans for the development of other sectors (industry, agriculture and small business.)

Yes, maybe there are mistakes and shortcomings, poor control, inflated financial bracket, but it does not mean that everything is bad and illegal.

But you have to give people a chance to continue the job. In your hands is the fate of many families in America and far beyond, who believe that your decision is right and just and will allow people to live well.

P.S. America has always been considered a model country of opportunities, a country of ideas and fair justice. A visit to Washington D.C is my dream. I have relatives living there, whom I had not seen for many years.

While living in a small country of the former CIS, I can do this only through ZeekRewards and Rex Venture Group, which provide great opportunities!

We'll wait. The main thing is that your decision will be truly fair, correct and impartial because of vested interests.

Best regards to you,
Anna Makovsky.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ultimate Power Profits (The Next Victim of SEC)

August 16th, 2012

That date is very essential in understanding of online marketing ventures. Worlwide Online Community whitnessed how Zeekrewards Penny Auction Business was "reportedly" shut down. Millions waited for days in order to hear some motivating news about "the program" being re-opened and functioning full speed. Thousands of people signed petitions adressed to White House and

People are still left in doubts and questions about their "business" being back again. And then out of nowhere we get to see some brilliant offer which screams "This time it is going to be different!" with a mouth-watering Spinfinity plan that comes in set with UltimatePowerProfits Venue.

This time it is going to be different. It is such a hope-giving message for all marketers out there who make bread via laptop. Though some questions remain unanswered and I believe they will remain so until the first two weeks of September.

Question 1.  What is the guarantee that SEC will not investigate and shut down UPP as well?

 We already saw what happens to any company that makes an amazing amount of money in a short period of time. Be it a lottery, bank campaign or some federal venture we would not even feel weird because our money would be in "SECURE" hands. But with Online Marketing Business it is different. Attacks are not only necessary but also consequential. It would be nice to hear some arguments that will really motivate us to go join this new Opportunity. But it would be nice to hear something other than "There are no guarantees in life."

Question 2. Who are those that already Signed Up? Who will sign up?

Who signs up into a program without hesitation? Those who have nothing to lose and those that will use every chance to be rich without even a single thought behind. Basically Ultimate Power Profits owes a lot to Zeek in respect to Affiliates who were brought up in Zeekrewards Business. I assume the majority of Zeekrewards Affiliates signed up before 16 of August when company announced pre-launch in early September. People wanted to make extra bucks.

The second group of people I call "I come first and get the most" people. No matter what venue they will be there first get all the "given" bonus, cash and profit they can. Then the next venue.  Usually it is so called leaders with minimum of 30-50-100 followers who follow him everywhere he/she goes. It don't matter to them what kind of business they will be in as long as they are lead by "the leader".

So if you have nothing to lose and you are ready to be first and get the most out of it you can join ultimatepowerprofits  and wait for launch.

Question 3. When will SEC start an investigation on Ultimate Power Profits Venue?

Given the example of ZeekRewards you guys have maximum of year and a half in your deposit. The worst case scenario is "no launch at all". Meaning it was a great tester of  "power of network rumor" and "people hype around". The best case scenario you make couple of grands and then you get to see SEC coming at you. (Saying well at least I got my money plus some extra)

So my advice,

Put two scenarios onto scale...evaluate...think about it...and make a decision that will not dissappoint you.

Question 4. Who is the man behind UPP and Spinfinity?

I believe his name is Scott Evans. He is said to have Global Intensions to do Global Good. Well it is nice. Though I would love to have a detailed background on him and his projects. If anyone reading this post has some prior info on him please send it to me via e-mail :  joshkerimov at yahoo dot com
So far all I found on him is written on blogs and web-pages. Some better source of informaion would be appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who is on his journey to success and may God bless you in your struggle to get out of Day-to-Day Routine!

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Message To All Zeek Affiliates World Wide

Dear Zeek Affiliates from all over the world...particularly in United States...

It has been a difficult four day period for all of us. We saw our "opportunity" literally attacked by N.Carolina officials. They started their investigation in the middle of "no sense" depending only on 8 complaints filed by the  customers. (As if they really cared about us "the customers") Where other famous companies suffer from thousands of complaints annually. 

There are couple of things that I want to share as of my personal view...

First of all the "negative news about Zeek being a Ponzi Scheme" is not stated in any governmental declaration. And the only news we hear is from local dispatch news. I mean if this deal is for real then CNN, BBC, ABC, FOX would definitely be involved in shedding some light on events. On the other hand we have powerful manipulative term Ponzi coined by some smart person who knew that if you have nothing to prove against a company at least to leave a negative imprint is the best thing to do. 

I have questions as a customer and an affiliate and I believe millions of Zeek Affiliates will share the same desire to learn the answers to the questions:

1. Why do you start an investigation year and half later?

When company is at its peak doing 600.000.000 $ (reportedly) in transactions? (If the company is doing something illegal according to you why don't you stop it the first day?) Or do you benefit from having "owners" fined a 4.000.000$ and getting your hands on 225.000.000 $ which will of course be somehow used in federal interest.

2.What will happen to banks if all customers withdraw their money at the same time? Will they have enough deposit money to pay back? Why Banks never officially labeled as Ponzi?

Banks operate on the very Ponzi Scheme in which first customers provide bank with endless possibilities of making money via them. The difference is only banks benefit from debt or crisis every single time and they are backed by federal reserve meaning is you are backed up "The Ponzi Label" goes away. Later coming customer are given credit only because the previous one had invested before hand. No need to be Einstein to   understand that we are being ripped. 

3. When will the MLM competition be healty and reasonable?

As I open any Zeekrewards social page I get to see hundreds of invitations by other "company" representatives...trying to rescue us, give us some hope or "this time it is going to be different business opportunity" ... It is not only temporary but also ignorant to think that what happened to Zeek will not happen to other companies...the only reason the other companies are not questioned by authorities is that they are not that God Damn Successful where more than 50% of distributors make decent money. Trust me if any company or venture makes that much money in such short period they will all be attacked as well. But they are not that Good! So please understand that we are all on the same ship and if the ship is sinking we are all sinking. Instead be supportive and sign the petition to White House as well....because soon or late these bells will ring for you as well. 

4. What can Affiliates all over the World do?

Some people prefer to give up and start acting a victim. I have news for them.... nobody gives a damn about victims in life. Only those who are brave and courageous make it happen in life. Zeek is our business and our opportunity to live a free man's life where we do not belong to any bank or debt institution. We can not let this venture be shut by couple of officials who think they are smarter and stronger than millions of online marketers united. You must sign the petition, you must e-mail and call the NC Attorney to show that we are not children anymore who can only possibly cry when somebody takes the candy. ZeekRewards is our company  that worked for us. And it needs us now and today we must stand strong in times when economy kills the weakest and nourishes the strongest. 

Please share this message to all online marketers so that they stand for ZeekRewards as well. Because it is not about one particular company it is about the industry in general! 

Sign the petition below and let others hear YOUR VOICE:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

One legend!

I can hardly imagine somebody who does not know this young man from Baltimore. Michael Phelps. This name on its own says a lot about human will to succeed. I am not going to talk about his achievements, medals, contracts and all that glamour. I want to say couple of words on how much of an inspiration he is to young people who are just stepping out to the real world.

I remember how I watched him swim and could not stop moving. As if I was some how connected to this man. He is an absolute source of motivation. He is someone that inspires you to get up from your seat and do something about your body. He inspires many to move and go forward. Of all the photos of Michael this one is the dearest to me. Because this photo depicts how challenges can be fought with. He comes under the water and flies for a fraction of a second. He flies to his dreams. He looks forward from those gargles and he is intense. All of his muscles serve as a servant for him to accomplish that what other only dream about.

Michael is someone who looks ordinary when out of pool but when he dives into it he changes. He inspires many of us who are winners but not decided on the sports yet. I look at him and make my decision about my sport, my passion, my swim!
I look at the monitor and I follow him until the last second when he touches the finish line. I scream just as he raises his hands that give him the next medal.

Genuine people come in very limited edition. They are here to show us the greatness that is inside and the greatness that is to be discovered.

Farewell Michael as you start your new journey in life....which will continue out of the pool. But be sure that you moved many young men's hearts to be better and to fight for the success they all desire!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Seminar on Successful Career and Interivew (via Barama Project)

Sunday, 11 am of July the 29th

I was invited to give a two hour lecture on decision making, career and interview tips. I was compelled to be a part of Barama Project because it was dedicated to promotion of Azeri Youth. Their innovative ideas will transform a lot of lives. As I entered the room with a group of highly motivated young people I felt an intense feeling of excitement. I was happy to be able to share my story and experiences that would play a demonstrative role for many of them. It was amazing to hear their questions that showed how passionate they were about their dreams. They were dreamers but they also were active doers. They were committed to their future success.

As the session was about the end I remembered my first years, my first baby steps. It was emotional to see these guys look into my eyes and searching for that very answer that could possibly change their lives.

I was honored to be able to answer their questions, give them my tips on dealing with time, interview and decision making.

Photos from the event:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The whole world is waiting for you!

A lot of questions come and go. They all expire at some point in life. But some questions always linger in your mind. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I?

These questions are simply put. Though they require an immediate reply. Most of us will never answer. We avoid them trying to dodge at times. Some of us answer for the answering sake. None will be completely satisfied. But only some of us will dare to remain truthful to themselves. Truth in this case is simply admitting that we don't know our purpose in the beginning. We may not know it in the middle of journey. But at the end we will all have the pieces to our puzzle.

So, I dare you to start with admitting...then continue with for your inner voice...see for yourself what makes you different than others. See what your "mission" is. Become what you are supposed to be.

I know it sounds to sweet and easy. But it is worth a try...thousand tries...To search for your fundamental identity...

Anywhere you go you will see it coming after you...anytime you start convincing yourself that it is no use giving it a try...anytime you do that...know that you are working against HIS will.

God has ordained everyone of us to take a special role. We try several roles but only one becomes our dearest. Only one.

This role requires no masks, no false assumptions, no conflicts. This role is a messenger of our inner peace. Peace that we always seek but rarely find.

Obsession is what drives us towards our mission. We are never fully satisfied untill we find our purpose. We can not sleep at nights until we have unresolved matters.

Each one of us has the ability to make a difference. We are special. Any influential speaker on earth is constantly hammering this point to his audience.

They feel the special fire inside. Fire that brings people together. Fire that lights many other fires.

When you find your voice you instantly change your surrounding. Your voice becomes pure and energy full. As you speak people want to hear more...they want to follow...because they also have questions inside that require answers...

Grab your microphone and speak out...speak as a man that found his purpose in life. Only then you will have a privilige of being happy and fulfilled.

Good Luck!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The best knockout in your life...

It is hard to play a game that you don't like. In fact it is hard to play it with those that you dislike even more. Everytime when you put new mask to your face you catch yourself on the idea that one day you will not be able to take off that God damn mask anymore. You do it because you think you have no other choice.

When I became a trainer I understood that if I don't like a particular game be it for real or fore playing sake I can make my own one. Brand new game that has not been played yet. It is so inspiring to fight for your own way to success. Success... what is in fact the very meaning of success? It is a tremendous effort put to fight yourself on a daily basis. Every day the fight goes on starting in the early am and going until the last pm. Every day you see your enemy and you hear him scream at you with an awful voice. Voice of your past mistakes and fears. They cultivate in your head to the point when you want to explode.

Somedays you win. But these days are so "some". In most of the days you lose to your enemy. Your enemy is better than you in any sense. He is amazing liar. Argumentator. Diplomat. The Lord of the LazyMen.

You lose because it is his game. It is his rules and his tricks. You lose because you play with him in his hometown. You fight him outside yourself.

He is intelligent and very convincing. Almost the best law practitioner. You stand no chance in his game called COMFORT ZONE.

What to do then? You are sick of losing to him in that ZONE of SUBMISSION. You submit to his will. But his will contradicts to what you deeply believe in. YOUR DREAMS, AMBITIONS and GOALS are all waiting for you on the other side of river. He broke your boat with his ugly facts. He gave you food and shelter. And now you are nothing but a miserable shadow of what you once used to be...A WARRIOR!

YES, YOU ARE A WARRIOR...and YOUR whole life was made out of fighting! You fought as a Sperm for your fought as a child for your parents fought as a student for your grades and you fought for the GIRL of YOUR DREAMS! YOU WON! YOU WON EACH TIME! And this time is no different than others!

So, do not let him deceive you. Do not forget about who you were, are and will always be!

Play with him in your ZONE. Your zone is RISK! RISK to change. RISK to win. RISK to put everything at stake to cross that river. Because only in RISK you find peace and your blood starts running like Husain Bolt!

Look at him in the mirror. Look at what he made you look like. Play not his game. Play your own Game. Let it be YOUR SUCCESS STORY!

Fight him...fight him with everything you have...fight that man you prefer to call YOURSELF! And then the game will be over. When you knock him down let the refree count slowly and celebrate with defeaning silence and joy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What happened to Spartans?

Once they were Spartans, now they are broke...

Greece is going through the dark times and playing a good demonstrative role to other countries which act "naive". Yesterday I was watching Euronews and I was listening to how people were given "free aid and food". I thought it was some African tribe but then I realized it was Greece. Yes, Greece.

Rich history, rich traditions, rich culture and poor economy. I would rather say no economy. Funny how things can change if you give your money to couple of bank owners and watch how they rape you for the rest of your life. Exactly rape you.

Yes, no one cares about "ordinary people" proudly labeled as "citizens". No one cares! The list is amazingly huge so I will just count till "Government, Politicians, Bankers, Treasure funds, and all the other "big guys with funny looking ties."

Trillions in debt and American Government thinks about saving the banks. Billions in debt and Spanish Government thinks about saving their banks. I guess in this case the very word "bank" is used instead of  "ass". Saving your own ass sounds more selfish than saving banks.

What amazes me is the methods "they" use to fight "crisis". Plan is simple. We mess up and citizens pay until the rest of their lives. Cut the salaries, pump up the taxes, in fact cut the jobs. I wonder why they don't cut the people before hands in order to save the energy and water supplies.

It sickens me when someone out G20 says we will take all the necessary actions to stop the "crisis". This very moment I get scared for the next country that they will reap, rape and ruin.

If you look for necessary actions the first action would be to fire thousands of politicians that support dozens of banks. That will save us a lifetime. Give them some "farming" job so that they really give us some benefits.

More than 400 billion dollars to be printed in upcoming year. Guess where they will all go. Ah yes, to the pockets of proud citizens.

I condemn things that are happening particularly in Greece and Spain where government sells their citizens to "currency" and destroys the economy by diving into the pool of debt where "giant sharks" awate to eat the next victims.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5000 visitor mark is crossed!

I am so happy to announce that Dreamer Union Inc blog has just crossed the 5000 visitor mark. Not long ago when I just started my blogging journey I did not imagine such result in such a short time. I want to personally thank every single reader and follower for their pure interest in my posts. I fully acknowledge the level of responsibility that is granted to me starting from this level on.

I believe my blog will continue to inspire, entertain and motivate thoushands. I also believe that people that inspired me along the way will continue doing so.

As we hit the 5000 mark in less than 5 months I want to share some interesting facts about the blog statistics. The all time best read article is "How to make a vision board?" which took lead from "What Young Azeri Men Dream About?" Both articles were read more than 1200 times.

Another amazing aspect is a humanly nature of those who search for Ukrainian girls. Their efforts in search ended up in top listed key word that has been search so far just after the vision board word.

I am very open to any kind of advice and suggestion or offer.
Please do not hesitate to write me via e-mail:  I will be more than glad to consider your offers and ideas on how to modify the blog.

Thank you very much!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Salary and Our Orgasms...

Two Things that should last long?

We saw this from our parents. And we guess our parents saw it from their parents. I think the first person who worked for money should have better been executed for all the international crime he committed. He should be slaughtered and cut to pieces and then thrown out to lions. 

Money is root of all evil. This is why most of people are poor. They are poor because they want to be good. Does not sound convincing to me. I would say we are poor because we think that we have no other option. Show us some way and we will grab its balls to get out of the insane life that we experience daily. Look at all lottery players, online betting fanatics, gamblers and etc.  

Being poor is not interesting at all. The same things every day. Nothing changes in a poor mans life. I don't even want to talk about his sexual life. There is a Japanese saying "No money, no happiness". I think Japanese people considered  the sexual dysfunctionality of a male when he realizes that he can not sustain his family no more. 

It has always been my passion to compare things to each other and see the unique truth within the comparison. What can be compared to our salary better than our orgasms? Nothing. 

Everybody dreams about a decent orgasm. Well the same goes for a decent salary. Everything done during the act of intercourse serves a end-purpose to reach orgasm. Everything done during working hours serves a purpose to receive that pay-cheque at the end of the month. It is so scary to see people count their days as if they don't matter. They may matter but not like the pay-day. We want time to fly not realizing that it is given to us with limited amounts. 

For an ideal orgasm you need an ideal partner. A partner that you love, desire, want and think about all the time. You can not reach your peak state with someone you hate, dislike, disregard or even avoid. (Some people live with partners that they barely stand. This leads to imitations of orgasms. It is when you sleep with someone but dream about someone else.)

For an ideal salary you need an ideal career. Meaning you got to love what you do and do what you love. Most of us are in jobs that hardly match their dreams.  I guess you can figure out what they feel when they think about their salaries. (I can already hear words such it is better than nothing.)  It is like making love to a woman and saying it is better than nothing. Only few people realize that there are countless options waiting for us to be taken. It is not only one option game. This job is not ordained to you by some early ancestor or relative. It must be your choice when it comes to where you work and who you sleep with. Only this way you reach your potential at its peak. Period. 

When you reach orgasm everything in your body vibrates and you feel so divine. You become numb for a little fraction of a time. When you reach to the ATM you forget about everything you did previously within that month. There is this moment now and nothing else matters. You are blocked away from reality. The reality is that orgasm lasts only a few seconds. The same happens after you get your cash and go away from ATM machine calculating your debts, credit payments, house bills and other stuff that leaves you with a long lasting discomfort.

These two words have so much in common. Salary and Orgasm. Millions of people desire them both but get lousy versions that can never match the real deal. Today we see people that imitate orgasms and we see salaries that imitate money.  

I wish you all a life with no limitations and imitations. A life where 30 days matter. A life where each new day is not a replica but unique with its challenges. A life where you live, not work from 9 to 6 until you die. A life where you are happy because you do not worry about money and a partner to love  anymore.

And remember money is a tool. Any tool in the hands of a good man serves a good cause. (Be it a charity, or gifts to those he loves or be it thoushands of families sustained through his business.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I still remember the 31st August of 1996. I was a fourth grader when that miraculous day happened. It was 26th minute of Azerbaijan - Switzerland Football match. (For 1998 World Cup Qualifiers)

Nazim Suleymanov scored and the whole Azerbaijan went wild. So wild that you could easilyhear the roaring thousands all over the cities. That very goal meant a lot for my country. Azeris needed some miracle like this which happened right on time.
Ask anyone who watched the match you will still see energy flowing out of them as they speak.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What makes Problogger.Net stand alone in the viral community?

Once in a decade you get to see a blog which has everything you dream about and drives you crazy because it is not yours. I am so sorry to say that Problogger does not belong to me. On the other hand I am so happy to say that the real founder is Darren Rowse. I have been following his works 6 months already and every time I click on the web I know for sure that I will get my daily doze of blogging ideas.

Problogger.Net is mantra for all beginning blogger who desire the amount of success in their own blogs. I would say this feeling inside has a mixture of tremendous inspiration, jealousy and motivation for all of us.

I look at Darren's Blog and I try to find the secret of his success and I end up swayed by the information I get about almost everything that blogging may presuppose. Imagine Google for Search Freaks.

Now imagine Problogger for Blog Freaks that are also Search Freaks. Imagine a brand that stands alone just like Nike, Coca Cola in the Blog World! And now stop imagining just check out Darren Rowse and his product that is rocking the global market!

Absolutely amazing platform for every class of bloggers. You can be in Africa and still get the benefits of this page.

I personally blog in Baku, Azerbaijan although I write about a man who lives and works oceans away from me. The power of his works needed mentioning in my Dreamer Union Inc blog...because if you are reading this blog post and you have a dream to become successfull blogger who has more than 300.000 readers and nice revenues that can turn your imagination on Darren Rowse is a guy to learn from.

He shares his wisdom with all bloggers and he enjoys every minute of it. If you want to dive into a new cascade of exciting feelings and passion just do it. All you need is just away.