Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life inside of a cubicle...or crazy office solutions

Dear Friends,

I dedicate my post to those who got the opportunity to sit and work inside of office cubicles. To people who work in Call Centers, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, IT departments, HR departments and paper work groups of any sort. To people who spent their hours, days and even years sitting inside of a cubicle and working from 9 to 6 or any time of the day.

Life inside of the box is strange and square-like. Many successful people started their journey from cubicles. Even Steve Jobs was one of us but then he looked at the poster in his cubicle which said THINK and he started to think about his dreams. His dreams took him to journey which ended up with Apple, Pixar and the world fame.

Call it a box or call it a cubicle. This working place is a symbol of any company and where company stands in respect to leading innovations and creativity. Companies share different views on how should a "box" look like. But all workers share the same feeling of discomfort and "mechanized work atmosphere" when it comes to sitting inside of a cubicle especially if it takes at least 8 hours.

Many people while sitting inside of the cubicles feel no difference from others and lose their sense of individuality. This gets in the way of their productivity and as a result company makes less profit. People dream about different design of cubicles and although it may sound crazy some ideas are worth giving an ear. World's leading companies such as Google and Pixar prefer listening to the dreams of their employees and change their strategy accordingly. Other companies see no purpose in decorating the cubicle.

 While working inside of a box we feel like robots and to change this feelings many companies came up with new designs that strike our imaginations about standard cubicles and give us positive motivation for further action towards more productivity. I am going to share some photos with you. Some are actual workplaces but some are projects under revision. They may be accepted anytime. I am not joking.

Google Cubicles: Company already understood that people constantly dream about vacation and relaxation. So why to waste time?

        Pixar Cubicles: Company provides the comfort of home within the office territory.

                Luxury cubicle: This company gives feeling of luxury to their employees.

Nature cubicle: This is actual place belongs to an architect company which took the first place in creativy.

Dream cubicles: Companies are thinking about taking these projects under their consideration. Especially for call center environment where stress can be easily reduced by such cool office cubicles.

Thanks for attention!