Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conformity or Courage...What is your choice?

Dear Friends,

Many of us find ourselves in situations when we have to make a choice. We can either follow our dreams or follow a certain routine that others follow. In either case this choice will define our life and our attitude towards anything that happens to us afterwards.

Majority of people prefer conformity to courage

Yet, we always hear them discuss and talk about super stars, sportsmen, actors and businessmen who did not conform and became successful. Now here is the question. Why we talk about those who are famous and successful all day long? What is so special about them?
Well, many of you will say they have all the money, fame and abundance to have. So here is another question. What stops you being just like them? What is your difficulty or difference?

Answer is "nothing". Nothing today can stop a man from achieving his dream and living a quality life. Evidently thousands of men do it. What happened to millions of us? Where did we get lost or why did we stop?

 Mostly we all hide behind our false stories about how life treated us bad and uneven. Well for those who still have that argument I have a message from a man of courage which takes part in Nike commercial. He has something strong to manifest. Get his message into your heart which requires you to free it and release those useless ideas in your head that take you nowhere.

Now ask your self are you ready to get up and run for your dreams or you prefer watching others who run and wish you have stronger legs, better luck and better conditions. For those with that attitude we have another Nike hero speaking. He says there are "no excuses" on the way to success. We better shut up and just do what we are supposed to do. Achieve!

No matter what we say we all have dreams that always live within us. All they need is a chance to grow into something bigger. We all need to run like this man towards our dreams and leave every negative thought behind. Dream killers will follow us along the sprint but they can never catch us up because we have what it takes to finish this race first.

Wish you all happiness and success!