Sunday, December 18, 2011

What young azeri men dream about?

Dear Readers, 

Recent study by Bosh&Bekar Academy  showed that young Azeri men on average dream about 10 things that I will display down below:

Dreams List for 2011:

Dream 10 - To see Azerbaijan's National Football Team in World Cup Matches. At least in one match!

 Dream  9  - To see Baku without construction process for at least one day! (No dust, no smoke and no noise of drilling machines)

 Dream  8  - To win the lottery of Ugurlu-Sms (8228), TOPAZ (booking game) or Aile Sevinci! It does not matter! To get at least some money back after all that was spent to win!

Dream  7 - To be in Ukraine at least once in a lifetime! To see the historical places and buildings of that country! Especially museums.

 Dream  6 -  To drive their cars for one full week without any police stopping them!

 Dream  5 -  Work and Travel either in United States, Canada or Germany!

 Dream  4 -  To skip military service if possible and if not... to stay in one of the 5* hotel type regiments! 

 Dream  3 -  To pay only 0 qepik per minute for mobile usage if that is legally possible!

 Dream  2 -  To pay all credits on time or at least any possible time. Including credit for that Hyundai/Lexus, Iphone/Blackberry...and many other things...

Dream 1 -  To get a job that requires doing nothing or at least working with youtube and facebook mostly but still getting paid 5000 AZN per month to cover all needs. Especially to cover the Dream no 7-s expenses.

 *It was the list for 2011...let's see what happen next year...and our deepest gratitude to Bosh&Bekar Academy. 

*Content of this post has no scientific or social stand point...all statements and figures belong to the blogger's own fantasy. Do not copy or distribute the material as a reference of any kind or for any work.