Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you have a Vision Board?

Dear friends,

Do you want to start achieving your goals and getting evident results? You should definitely consider this very powerful method that has thousands of followers around the world. It is not enough to have a dream in your mind. Apart from writing it down you need to visualize it and make it graphically clear. 

Here are some examples of vision-boards around the world. I believe they will help you to create your own board full with your dreams ready to be your reality.

Consider the fact that those who have vision-boards look at life with much better attitude and become more positive. They gain power and new spirit. People around them feel the difference. So, I invite you to join these happy people that have dreams and are not afraid of putting them on a board. Some people say but what if these dreams do not come true. What about the pain? Well I have the same question to ask...what about the pain of not doing some little things about your precious dream and always living with regrets inside of you?

These are just some of the examples that may serve as good starter kits but please be specific with your vision board and make your own list. This method is working only when you take it 100% serious and consistently visualize the life you put on your board. I was convinced in this method in may 28th 2009 when I just boarded off the plane that arrived at Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.  As a result I began going further in my vision board and achieving more things. Finally I have a position as Junior Training Specialist in one of Azerbaijan's leading Tel-Com Companies.

I wish you the same consistency and same power to turn your dreams into reality!