Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SEC will Apologize For Ponzi after White House Interruption

A new petition was put together for White House in response to SEC illegal action...there were two major challenges while putting up a petition. 

First challenge was to keep the same level of motivation with Zeek Affiliates who signed a previous petition on which ended up in 44.476 supporters all over the world. It was a smashing hit in history of any MLM or Penny Auction company when thousands of people united together to fight back online.

I am so proud to be a part of such epic moment. The next big hit was made towards White House and the whole image of United States...SEC did not take us (Zeek Affiliates) into account...they thought we were dumb victims...or dumb...we started the fight for our rights and one of these rights is a right to be in business opportunity. So in August 18th a new petition gets major flow of affliates making a track record of 28.000 sign ups, which already makes this petition granted because the minimum was 25.000 mark up.

Second challenge was to get to the real news as we only heard from the local dispatch and NC Attorney Facebook page or some kind of guerilla news agencies...while living such shortage on "solid source news" people started to back off from the fight for Zeek and let them SEC officials publicly label them as victims...

Last two days were very positive and pleasant as I saw Zeek Affiliates United under one Facebook page and web page. Fun Club USA hired SNR Denton Group. What could be better than that? Our union!

But the numbers are the best story tellers...and the numbers I see both in White House Petition and Facebook Page tell me that our spirit needs some reminder of its greatness.

If you are Zeek Affiliate and you loved Zeek more than any other program...then please share the page:

Right now the Petition itself is not defining enough...we are more than million affiliates and only 28.000 signed the petition? Where is your spirit and power? Let get back to where we were at the beginning and make these numbers double! Lets make SEC feel sorry for what they did to our company in the first place!

If you have any partners, relatives, friends who did not sign the petition just make them sign it!

Remember that it is possible to kill a man but it is impossible to win over him if does not give up. It is not done. Our Zeek Story is not over yet...Do not pack up and go to other start up companies just because they say they have a better saw that SEC don't care about a plan...bonus system...or anything else...if it is time to get money...they will reap any company of its assets! But until when???

It is time to fight for Zeek Stronger Than Ever and Make the whole world hear our voice that matters the most!

Let's fight so hard that SEC apologizes for Ponzi and frozing our money!

Good luck to all of us!