Thursday, December 29, 2011

To sleep or not to sleep? What do you think?

Dear Dreamers,

I want to share my feelings about global deprivation of sleep and its impact in the modern world. You are all welcome to answer these questions and share them so that we get massive awareness about importance of sleep. Today when we have tons of reasons not to sleep and it is getting really hard to get some solid arguments to convince people to stop sitting in front of the computer, tv, in the bar or elsewhere that reduces our sleep hours.

In this post we have some sleeping enthusiasts that call us to join them anywhere we can and any time we can. Let us all hear these 10 questions and start getting more sleep so that we achieve our dreams and change our life for better.

Question 10 : Do you hate your alarm clock and plan to do something illegal about it?

Question 9: Do you find yourself inside of a toilet not remembering what you came for?

Question 8: Do you look for any possible place to take some nap after lunch time?

Question 7:  Do you feel like you are no different from a computer anymore and shut down option is removed so you go 24/7?

Question 6: Do you feel that you did not need to buy that luxury bed and settle with something ordinary so that it don't hurt when you sleep in some other place?

Question 5: Do you wish everything was like in Japan or Korea as soon as possible?

Question 4: Did you broke up with your girlfriend just because you were literally not able to answer her questions such as "Do you love me?" or "Did you cheat on me?"

Question 3: Did your boss fire you just because you were not awake enough to react to that stupid joke?

Question 2: Did you stop thinking about what others will say and become more confident in respect to sleep?

Question 1: Do you wish you were a baby again and had this face with no signs of haste, trouble and stress back?

If you say yes to all of these questions you better start sleeping more which means more than 6 hours and less than 9 hours as to keep the health balance. Good sleep to you all my dreamers!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life inside of a cubicle...or crazy office solutions

Dear Friends,

I dedicate my post to those who got the opportunity to sit and work inside of office cubicles. To people who work in Call Centers, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, IT departments, HR departments and paper work groups of any sort. To people who spent their hours, days and even years sitting inside of a cubicle and working from 9 to 6 or any time of the day.

Life inside of the box is strange and square-like. Many successful people started their journey from cubicles. Even Steve Jobs was one of us but then he looked at the poster in his cubicle which said THINK and he started to think about his dreams. His dreams took him to journey which ended up with Apple, Pixar and the world fame.

Call it a box or call it a cubicle. This working place is a symbol of any company and where company stands in respect to leading innovations and creativity. Companies share different views on how should a "box" look like. But all workers share the same feeling of discomfort and "mechanized work atmosphere" when it comes to sitting inside of a cubicle especially if it takes at least 8 hours.

Many people while sitting inside of the cubicles feel no difference from others and lose their sense of individuality. This gets in the way of their productivity and as a result company makes less profit. People dream about different design of cubicles and although it may sound crazy some ideas are worth giving an ear. World's leading companies such as Google and Pixar prefer listening to the dreams of their employees and change their strategy accordingly. Other companies see no purpose in decorating the cubicle.

 While working inside of a box we feel like robots and to change this feelings many companies came up with new designs that strike our imaginations about standard cubicles and give us positive motivation for further action towards more productivity. I am going to share some photos with you. Some are actual workplaces but some are projects under revision. They may be accepted anytime. I am not joking.

Google Cubicles: Company already understood that people constantly dream about vacation and relaxation. So why to waste time?

        Pixar Cubicles: Company provides the comfort of home within the office territory.

                Luxury cubicle: This company gives feeling of luxury to their employees.

Nature cubicle: This is actual place belongs to an architect company which took the first place in creativy.

Dream cubicles: Companies are thinking about taking these projects under their consideration. Especially for call center environment where stress can be easily reduced by such cool office cubicles.

Thanks for attention!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 things that women want from men?

Dear Readers,

Today I am going to reveal yet another list posted by Bosh&Bekar Academy. Academy officials say that it was extremely difficult to put this list together. You can not believe the number of desires that we had to delete from the post. Anyways let's go through the presented list of 10 things that women want from men the most:

10 things that women want from men:

Thing number 10: Women want men to give them time for gossip because it is very crucial for their biological development. Gossip is a process when at least two women come together and exchange 10 Gygabyte of information per minute.

Thing number 9: Women want us to be smart as Einstein and to have a solid pack of muscles. Unfortunately this thing is possible only on Adobe Photoshop and women have to make a choice. Head or body?

Thing number 8: Women prefer us to keep our comments about their parking skills to ourselves. According to them it is already a good thing that they manage to stop the car.

Thing number 7: Women want us to stop getting scared when we see them late at night with such harmless face masks.

Thing number 6: Almost every woman wants her man to watch this movie and finally understand that her shopping illness is never going to end or cured by any medicine.

Thing number 5: Women want their men to be confident all the time and make decisions without any hesitation.

Thing number 4: Women want their men to use their eyes for better purpose such as a new coat on that shop-stand which looks nice and can be bought at any time.

Thing number 3: Women want men to understand their passion for shoes and give them some space inside the house for this passion.

Thing number 2: Every woman wants her man to listen to her. May be she has some important thing to say. May be she is hurt or may be she is having a stress...may are you listening?!

Thing number 1: We decided to ask one of the most famous women on earth to help us with the last thing that women can possibly want. She is short but she makes sense.


For your consideration we gathered the other desires of women in one book and we published it with the association of Bosh&Bekar Academy.

This book is available online and you can buy it anytime you will. The problem is you will need at least two men to carry that book out of the store and take it to your house. But we are sure you will find many interesting facts about our ladies in that book as well.

Hope you enjoy reading it. :)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

What young azeri men dream about?

Dear Readers, 

Recent study by Bosh&Bekar Academy  showed that young Azeri men on average dream about 10 things that I will display down below:

Dreams List for 2011:

Dream 10 - To see Azerbaijan's National Football Team in World Cup Matches. At least in one match!

 Dream  9  - To see Baku without construction process for at least one day! (No dust, no smoke and no noise of drilling machines)

 Dream  8  - To win the lottery of Ugurlu-Sms (8228), TOPAZ (booking game) or Aile Sevinci! It does not matter! To get at least some money back after all that was spent to win!

Dream  7 - To be in Ukraine at least once in a lifetime! To see the historical places and buildings of that country! Especially museums.

 Dream  6 -  To drive their cars for one full week without any police stopping them!

 Dream  5 -  Work and Travel either in United States, Canada or Germany!

 Dream  4 -  To skip military service if possible and if not... to stay in one of the 5* hotel type regiments! 

 Dream  3 -  To pay only 0 qepik per minute for mobile usage if that is legally possible!

 Dream  2 -  To pay all credits on time or at least any possible time. Including credit for that Hyundai/Lexus, Iphone/Blackberry...and many other things...

Dream 1 -  To get a job that requires doing nothing or at least working with youtube and facebook mostly but still getting paid 5000 AZN per month to cover all needs. Especially to cover the Dream no 7-s expenses.

 *It was the list for 2011...let's see what happen next year...and our deepest gratitude to Bosh&Bekar Academy. 

*Content of this post has no scientific or social stand point...all statements and figures belong to the blogger's own fantasy. Do not copy or distribute the material as a reference of any kind or for any work. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An average day on facebook presented by JESS3

These numbers are pretty much similar to what I thought of myself. If you want to grow your online business it is the best data to work with. Progress of social networking is not just millions of users but also millions of online customers ready to buy and consume anything you offer. Good luck to all the entrepreneurs and dreamers for the upcoming year of 2012! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you have a Vision Board?

Dear friends,

Do you want to start achieving your goals and getting evident results? You should definitely consider this very powerful method that has thousands of followers around the world. It is not enough to have a dream in your mind. Apart from writing it down you need to visualize it and make it graphically clear. 

Here are some examples of vision-boards around the world. I believe they will help you to create your own board full with your dreams ready to be your reality.

Consider the fact that those who have vision-boards look at life with much better attitude and become more positive. They gain power and new spirit. People around them feel the difference. So, I invite you to join these happy people that have dreams and are not afraid of putting them on a board. Some people say but what if these dreams do not come true. What about the pain? Well I have the same question to ask...what about the pain of not doing some little things about your precious dream and always living with regrets inside of you?

These are just some of the examples that may serve as good starter kits but please be specific with your vision board and make your own list. This method is working only when you take it 100% serious and consistently visualize the life you put on your board. I was convinced in this method in may 28th 2009 when I just boarded off the plane that arrived at Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.  As a result I began going further in my vision board and achieving more things. Finally I have a position as Junior Training Specialist in one of Azerbaijan's leading Tel-Com Companies.

I wish you the same consistency and same power to turn your dreams into reality!  


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conformity or Courage...What is your choice?

Dear Friends,

Many of us find ourselves in situations when we have to make a choice. We can either follow our dreams or follow a certain routine that others follow. In either case this choice will define our life and our attitude towards anything that happens to us afterwards.

Majority of people prefer conformity to courage

Yet, we always hear them discuss and talk about super stars, sportsmen, actors and businessmen who did not conform and became successful. Now here is the question. Why we talk about those who are famous and successful all day long? What is so special about them?
Well, many of you will say they have all the money, fame and abundance to have. So here is another question. What stops you being just like them? What is your difficulty or difference?

Answer is "nothing". Nothing today can stop a man from achieving his dream and living a quality life. Evidently thousands of men do it. What happened to millions of us? Where did we get lost or why did we stop?

 Mostly we all hide behind our false stories about how life treated us bad and uneven. Well for those who still have that argument I have a message from a man of courage which takes part in Nike commercial. He has something strong to manifest. Get his message into your heart which requires you to free it and release those useless ideas in your head that take you nowhere.

Now ask your self are you ready to get up and run for your dreams or you prefer watching others who run and wish you have stronger legs, better luck and better conditions. For those with that attitude we have another Nike hero speaking. He says there are "no excuses" on the way to success. We better shut up and just do what we are supposed to do. Achieve!

No matter what we say we all have dreams that always live within us. All they need is a chance to grow into something bigger. We all need to run like this man towards our dreams and leave every negative thought behind. Dream killers will follow us along the sprint but they can never catch us up because we have what it takes to finish this race first.

Wish you all happiness and success!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dragon's Dream Revealed in a Secret Letter

Dear Dreamers,

We all know the most famous Dragon from Hong Kong. What we don't know is how he achieved his success and got to be so tremendously famous. Many of us think that Bruce Lee did not have any secrets at all. He got to where he was just by training and practising to perfection. No doubt about it. Though there was something different about him when compared to other kung fu fighters that practised as much as him.

Bruce Lee used to write vision letters to himself. In his letter he described himself as the first highest paid Oriental movie star in United States and his gross revenue being $ 10.000.000 until 1980. Secret lied in his detailed view of his own future where he exactly knew what he wanted to achieve. Bruce Lee was confident because he mastered the technique of visualization and dreaming about tremendous success. He visioned to be the best performer for his audience and he put his vision into letters.

In three years of time I heard hundreds of people complaining about their life and how unjust is their position. Negative people and dream killers are all around the world desperately trying to recruit more people to their group. On the other hand we have people who want to do something about their lives and desperately waiting for something to happen. The perfect moment waiters usually give replies such as show me the way to change and I will change. Well in that case I suppose Bruce Lee can be the best example of a man with a dream that changed not only himself but also world around him.

Here is the original letter written by Bruce Lee where he describes his future life period from 1970 to 1980. He wrote it when he was only 28 years old and had a standard life conditions which showed no signs of potential growth. Letter starts with header  "My Definite Chief Aim":

Transcript as follows:

I, Bruce Lee, will be the first highest paid Oriental super star in the United States. In return I will give the most exciting performances and render the best of quality in the capacity of an actor. Starting 1970 I will achieve world fame and from then onward till the end of 1980 I will have in my possession $10,000,000. I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and happiness.

Bruce Lee

One of the world's famous success coaches Jack Canfield wrote a whole paragraph in his book Success Principles about Bruce Lee's letter writing method and how it impacted his further actions. He also mentioned other famous stars including Jim Carey and how they achieved success using the same method.

Bruce Lee has inspired millions not just because he was a brilliant fighter. He also had a brilliant character which was molded for many years by repetition and dreaming about his future life. He keeps inspiring us with his words of wisdom even today.

If this method helped Bruce Lee it can help anybody. I invite you to think about your dream and put it into a form of letter where you put all details and all emotions together. It is time for us to follow the great man and get where we want to get. I wish you a clarity in your feelings, a confidence in your own future and a constant drive to contribute to others for a better world.

                               "May he rest in peace and may he receive grace of Allah!"