Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ultimate Power Profits (The Next Victim of SEC)

August 16th, 2012

That date is very essential in understanding of online marketing ventures. Worlwide Online Community whitnessed how Zeekrewards Penny Auction Business was "reportedly" shut down. Millions waited for days in order to hear some motivating news about "the program" being re-opened and functioning full speed. Thousands of people signed petitions adressed to White House and

People are still left in doubts and questions about their "business" being back again. And then out of nowhere we get to see some brilliant offer which screams "This time it is going to be different!" with a mouth-watering Spinfinity plan that comes in set with UltimatePowerProfits Venue.

This time it is going to be different. It is such a hope-giving message for all marketers out there who make bread via laptop. Though some questions remain unanswered and I believe they will remain so until the first two weeks of September.

Question 1.  What is the guarantee that SEC will not investigate and shut down UPP as well?

 We already saw what happens to any company that makes an amazing amount of money in a short period of time. Be it a lottery, bank campaign or some federal venture we would not even feel weird because our money would be in "SECURE" hands. But with Online Marketing Business it is different. Attacks are not only necessary but also consequential. It would be nice to hear some arguments that will really motivate us to go join this new Opportunity. But it would be nice to hear something other than "There are no guarantees in life."

Question 2. Who are those that already Signed Up? Who will sign up?

Who signs up into a program without hesitation? Those who have nothing to lose and those that will use every chance to be rich without even a single thought behind. Basically Ultimate Power Profits owes a lot to Zeek in respect to Affiliates who were brought up in Zeekrewards Business. I assume the majority of Zeekrewards Affiliates signed up before 16 of August when company announced pre-launch in early September. People wanted to make extra bucks.

The second group of people I call "I come first and get the most" people. No matter what venue they will be there first get all the "given" bonus, cash and profit they can. Then the next venue.  Usually it is so called leaders with minimum of 30-50-100 followers who follow him everywhere he/she goes. It don't matter to them what kind of business they will be in as long as they are lead by "the leader".

So if you have nothing to lose and you are ready to be first and get the most out of it you can join ultimatepowerprofits  and wait for launch.

Question 3. When will SEC start an investigation on Ultimate Power Profits Venue?

Given the example of ZeekRewards you guys have maximum of year and a half in your deposit. The worst case scenario is "no launch at all". Meaning it was a great tester of  "power of network rumor" and "people hype around". The best case scenario you make couple of grands and then you get to see SEC coming at you. (Saying well at least I got my money plus some extra)

So my advice,

Put two scenarios onto scale...evaluate...think about it...and make a decision that will not dissappoint you.

Question 4. Who is the man behind UPP and Spinfinity?

I believe his name is Scott Evans. He is said to have Global Intensions to do Global Good. Well it is nice. Though I would love to have a detailed background on him and his projects. If anyone reading this post has some prior info on him please send it to me via e-mail :  joshkerimov at yahoo dot com
So far all I found on him is written on blogs and web-pages. Some better source of informaion would be appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who is on his journey to success and may God bless you in your struggle to get out of Day-to-Day Routine!