Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to grow your income? Jim Rohn has an answer!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A book that we all deserve to read

Past three years were amazingly enriched because of this man that had an impact in my life as a coach. Anthony Robbins is claimed to be the best in his field. He had been working with more than 4 million people all over the world personally in his 30 year career. He gives people a chance to bring back their attitude and change their life scenario.

I changed from being a lazy young man sitting in front of tv and computer for long hours to a young man who gave seminars to local communities about direct selling, network marketing and motivation. My audience totalled six hundred listeners from various backgrounds and ages. I worked on my speech and body language. I regularly used NLP Affirmative Methods (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that were presented by Anthonny Robbins in his works. My income grew as twice and I finally got into one of the best Training Groups in my country which operates within number one telecom company. Not to mention the places I traveled to which I would never ever dream about including Malaysia and Turkey. He inspired me and will inspire you as well.

I got to know Anthony Robbins from his book that brought him a world-wide recognition "Awaken the Giant Within". This book opened my eyes and made me look deeper inside. Tony talked about Decision Making and its impact on  us. As I read the book he dared me to awake both physically and mentally to rich the highest potential ever.

It is a manual type book which has to be read on a chapterly basis. Each chapter must be applied and then be skipped. Amazing statements that motivate me even today can enrich your life as well. If you haven't read this book you have missed an opportunity to change. Take some time and find the book in internet get started on a new journey that will surely transform you and your attitude.

  Good luck!


Seven Dream Killer Questions We Hear Daily

I was looking for definition of terror and found out one in wikipedia. Let's evaluate it closely.

 Terror, from the Latin verb  terrere meaning "to frighten"
The emotion of terror is an extreme form of fear that results in paralysis of the will. (Other forms of fear can lead to more active fight or flight responses.)

We need to cut this definition in two pieces. First piece is "paralysis of the will" and the second is "fear that leads to active fight".

My blog serves a sole purpose on activating people's will to do something about their lives and to change for better. In order to change we need to define the enemy that can stop or interrupt us. Who is enemy to those who want success and abundance in life? Whom should we ignore if we want to make it happen?

The answer is simple as given in definition. We are to avoid those who paralize our will and those who make us insecure. Our enemies are the most ancient terrorists or so called DREAMKILLERS.


Here are the 7 questions that Dreamkillers use to terrorize those who want to succeed:

Question 1.

How could you think it is possible?

Question 2.

When are you going to be a realist? 

Question 3.

How could a person like you with a great potential think about it?

Question 4.

Did you think about your family or friends?

Question 5.

Where is your logic?

Question 6.

When are you going to grow up?

Question 7.

Why can't you be just like anyone else?

All of these questions serve only egoistic purpose for those who did not do anything at all or gave up at some point in life and became normal. Avoid a person if his questions to you look alike? Do not worry! This world is full of strong people. You will find your team and make it happen! Do research and find your soulmates who share the same ideas and opinions. Go and take success wherever it is!!! If you have an idea go for it! Never give up just because someone asks you such terroristic questions! Go until the end and make your idea a reality for all to accept just like Wright Brothers, Graham Bell, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Sir Ken Robinson and many other idealists and dreamers! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to get prepared for an interview? 5 tips to make it happen!

As a part of my career life I went through a lot of interviews. Type and variety would dazzle my readers but I will shortly say that I have a portfolio of successfull interviews for various projects, applications and vacancies including (BEIC-scholarship interview, FSA-scholarship interview, BP summer internship interview, SGA application interview, Azercell LLC vacancy interview, Nobel Oil Ltd vacancy interview, Demax Travel (Touristic Agency in Turkey) interview and etc. I had never failed in an interview before because there is a certain pattern that I follow and it always gives results. Prefferably you should also consider your efficiency in a particular field or subject as well. Here is the pattern:


Get some sleep before interview. It is amazing how differently you respond to questions and behave when you are fresh. Time frame should at least be seven hours prior to the event. Try not to eat to much before sleep.


Prepare your body for the perfect posture. A succesful applicant is not a person who speaks only with his mouth but also delegates his energy with his body. Do some prior research on body language and apply basics. You can get to the person emotionally without him feeling what is going on. But please do not overact or overreact. That looks silly.


Prepare for a dialogue not for a monologue. You can not estimate how important it is to listen to the questions and answer them appropriately. If you are just going to do too much of talking I guarantee you are going to be rejected unless you are giving away an international secret. Before interview be sure to have sorted out ideas on what responses you are going to give on standard questions such as "Why us? If you had a million or what are your goals for next five years?"


Leave no doubt about your enthusiasm and professionalism. When you come to an interview everything must be just perfect. Be it your clothing, your manners, your responses and your wit. Company expect a member to a family. Try not to be a pilgrim with no mission on earth. Corporate groups hate to hire people who often leave their occupations. Be enthusiastic about a long term partnership. Therefore pick the exact field you want to be in.


Remember every interview is a game. We were all children once. And there were games which we were really good at. This game starts when you enter the room. Get's tensified during the questioning and ends when you leave nice smile on a person who did interview! This game has only one winner and this is YOU! Always keep your attitude high! In this game you define the outcome. Be aware of your ability and power!

If you will have further questions and comments about interview or answering the questions you can write to my email

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I still wonder how this comedian did this? Amazing and mind-puzzling but this video still remains one of the most viewed videos in the world? I guess we should all start dancing and may be someday we will as well hit the charts :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Message to those who have Secret Dreams!

Every person has something in his heart that he secretly dreams about.

It can be anything. Starting from a good career, nice house, luxury car, fantastic marriage, travelling and etc. Dreams enrich our minds and we feel good even when we program ourselves not to believe in our dreams. We still feel good when we dream. For a fraction of a moment we get certain about ourselves and we believe that we are capable of doing almost everything in life. We gain confidence. Though in most of the cases I see more and more people to give up even that little fraction. Time changes us. As we grow we get less confident about ourselves. Depressive mode expands in our territories. Risk becomes an enemy. Comfort becomes a number one priority. Our pursuit of happiness transforms into "I am not happy but at least I am comfortable in where I am?"

I wrote about couple of dreams that became true. Of which the most important one was my engagement and marriage to the girl of my dreams Munavvar. I could not believe in my eyes when I saw her first and then it all happened. I started to dream about her. Soon I realized that she became a part of life. Then she became my life itself. Sometimes when she is asleep I silently stare at her. She reminds me of every single dream I had previously. She reminds me of truth that in this life soon or late every dream comes true. Be it possible or impossible. Be it simple or complex. Be it for one or for all.

I started dreaming at a young age. My first dream was Dandy's game set. My dad bought it when I passed a high school entry examination. I still remember that day. My first dream became true! I was immeasurably happy playing all day long.

My next dream in the list was crossing the Atlantic Ocean and being in The United States. It happened in summer of 2002 when I stood at the flight gate waiting in anxiety for my plane to arrive. On that day I realized that I am crossing a new line in my life. I am going to a place where everything is extremely different and supposedly better than in my homeland. The next thing I remember is landing in Denver Colorado and shaking because of excitement. I made it to USA. Unbelievable! I had a full year that transformed personally and psychologically into a new phase of my character building. I became flexible and much more open to society ready to share my ideas and feelings. I believe I will cover that experience in another entry of mine.

I also remember about my "Antalya" dream. When I studied in university I had a close friend who worked in touristic agency. Faruk would talk about his past work experience. I would listen and dream about doing what he did and being where he had been. Especially when he talked about Antalya I would picture myself in some exotic beach walking under sun. His stories were stuck in my head untill I flew over to Nakhchivan and got into bus then took 27 hour ride to Antalya. Faruk's stories had to step off because my stories were adding up on a daily basis.

My Antalya experience led to many changes in my life. I got much more responsible. I learned how to deal with customers and how to dive into multicultural pool. I still remember a dinner at Kempinski Hotel where I sat next to an aristocratic french family and making jokes about women drivers that turned into an instant hit. I was a boy from a middle class family of Baku sitting next to those who had everything that a middle class family boy could dream about. Sitting there I promised myself to become a father to such family.

Dreaming is like playing a game that you adore. You can't stop it. Dreams change in quantity, quality and coverage zone. As I got skilled in my game I understood that I am responsible for what I dream about.

I remember my mom telling me to forget about Malaysia in 2009. She told me to get serious about my future life and think about my career. I still see the shock on her face when I left Baku to be in Kuala Lumpur for 5 days for a business conference. It was an impossible dream even for those who knew me for many years. My close friends and relatives were in despair when they heard the news. I saw Petronas Towers. The same ones I saw in the movies and dreamed of being at. Amazing it was to step on the grass in the middle of KL and to see variety of people coming to this huge place full of opportunities. Our university dean Salim bey always told us that patience is the best virtue in business. I took this opinion and modified for myself. Patience is the best virtue in dreaming game. You must wait and see what comes next and how your dream transforms into real time experience or sweet past time memory.
All I can say is dreaming is sacred and it changes from person to person. As we grow our dreams must grow with us and within us. We can not give up at any age to fight for our dreams if necessary. If not for them then for what to live for?

I decided to do coaching because I love working with people who forget about their dreams and give up on them. I love to fight for the chance to shake them up and get them back on the track again.

Those who read my entry need to analyze their lives. Please go back to your childhood. Get back to your memories and think about the things you dreamt of. Make a Personal Dream List. Start dreaming again and soon you will get back to essence of your being. My personal dream list always gets upgraded and never leaves my mind.

I always stick to this statement : If your dream is big enough the facts don't matter. Money, time and what others say to you plays no role at all. Your decision is defining factor! Whether your dream becomes true or not depends only on YOU!

Good luck!