Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to get prepared for an interview? 5 tips to make it happen!

As a part of my career life I went through a lot of interviews. Type and variety would dazzle my readers but I will shortly say that I have a portfolio of successfull interviews for various projects, applications and vacancies including (BEIC-scholarship interview, FSA-scholarship interview, BP summer internship interview, SGA application interview, Azercell LLC vacancy interview, Nobel Oil Ltd vacancy interview, Demax Travel (Touristic Agency in Turkey) interview and etc. I had never failed in an interview before because there is a certain pattern that I follow and it always gives results. Prefferably you should also consider your efficiency in a particular field or subject as well. Here is the pattern:


Get some sleep before interview. It is amazing how differently you respond to questions and behave when you are fresh. Time frame should at least be seven hours prior to the event. Try not to eat to much before sleep.


Prepare your body for the perfect posture. A succesful applicant is not a person who speaks only with his mouth but also delegates his energy with his body. Do some prior research on body language and apply basics. You can get to the person emotionally without him feeling what is going on. But please do not overact or overreact. That looks silly.


Prepare for a dialogue not for a monologue. You can not estimate how important it is to listen to the questions and answer them appropriately. If you are just going to do too much of talking I guarantee you are going to be rejected unless you are giving away an international secret. Before interview be sure to have sorted out ideas on what responses you are going to give on standard questions such as "Why us? If you had a million or what are your goals for next five years?"


Leave no doubt about your enthusiasm and professionalism. When you come to an interview everything must be just perfect. Be it your clothing, your manners, your responses and your wit. Company expect a member to a family. Try not to be a pilgrim with no mission on earth. Corporate groups hate to hire people who often leave their occupations. Be enthusiastic about a long term partnership. Therefore pick the exact field you want to be in.


Remember every interview is a game. We were all children once. And there were games which we were really good at. This game starts when you enter the room. Get's tensified during the questioning and ends when you leave nice smile on a person who did interview! This game has only one winner and this is YOU! Always keep your attitude high! In this game you define the outcome. Be aware of your ability and power!

If you will have further questions and comments about interview or answering the questions you can write to my email joshkerimov@yahoo.com