Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you happy with your life or you have no time to think about it?

It is funny that we find it hard to answer the most important question that matters to us just because we have no time. I would put it the other way. I usually replied in such manner when I found it hard to answer that very question about happiness? I did not know if I really was happy or not. I had so many masks for so many occasions and there had to be the mask for HAPPINESS. I still get trouble when answering this challenging question which rips every inch in my heart that also beats like clock.

What is time to us? A friend or an enemy? A companion or a dictator? If you ask me I rather say that time is what we feel about it! But it is very important that you ask yourself about your life, your happiness. If not today then when? If not here then where? If not you then who get a chance to be HAPPY?

Everyday we go to sleep and wake up and this routine should better have an explanation or a masterplan behind. Otherwise we all get ill about the outcome which leaves no room for hope and enthusiasm. It is evening time and I have only 5 hours before I go to sleep. I die for 7 hours and then resurrect for next 17 hours every God given day. Numbers have to have a meaning either when I sleep or work. Meaning or Happiness? Do we get happy just because we understand something? No! Do we get happy just because we know something? No! Do we get happy just because we did something? No!

 We get happy even when there is no logic involved in it. Just like this little girl which holds her potato and she feels as if the whole world is hers. I bet she is happier than any scolar, politician, lawyer, artist and etc. Not because she is a kid. But because she does not involve any reason to be happy when any reason seems to come in handy.

I deeply believe that we all must learn from her and we all must give some time to re-think our lives and Happy moments that never seem to be enough.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1000 visits in 1 month! Thanks for the interest and supporting my blog!

My dear readers,

It is already a whole month that is left behind. As it let's the next month to overtake its position I just wanted to highlight the warm support from my readers and visitors which showed a great interest in my blog and its entries. When I posted my first entry I had no idea about blogging and posting articles. But I worked hard to get the best videos and pictures to enrich my community with motivation and will to succeed in life.

I just wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and giving me the opportunity to share my ideas and views with you.

I believe that the month of November is also going to be full with juicy blog entries and dynamic videos that will shift your paradigm to a new level in critical thinking.

Anthony Robbins puts the bottomline for us all when he manifests: 

                                        IF YOU CAN NOT THEN YOU MUST!

We all have challenges in our lives that we will surely face! The point is that we better get an attitude that will take us to a fullfilling life and a success story. I intend to ignite you all to discover YOUR STORY OF SUCCESS and GO FOR IT UNTILL THE END!

Good luck to you all and ...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

6th grader genius talks about IPhone Applications on stage

It is merely hard to imagine a young boy Thomas Suarez talk about applications that are made by grown up specialists. Yet, today we are already taking everything for granted. So, I decided to share this genius boy's seminar on Iphone Applications that was held by TED group support. As he ridicules all of conventional ideas about people being successful after a definite period of time which particularly starts after high school I grow optimistic about our next generation.

I imagine his next 10 years and next achivements to share with his community. If not spoiled by press and pr managers Thomas seems to be a promising figure of the post-Steve Jobs era. Please do enjoy his funny comments and sweet speech on his App Works.

They don't have a job but they have everything else! (Part 1)

To those who don't know Paulo Cuelho. He is a global writing genius from Brazil that became famous with his Alchemist a story about young Santiago that traveled to find his destiny around the world.                     

 The Alchemist has gone on to sell more than 65 million copies, becoming one of the best-selling books in history, and has been translated into more than 70 languages, the 71st being Maltese, winning the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If you are planning to escape the YesBut Tribe...

The first thing to understand is that just praying for change will not take you to the next level. It is all about action. The number one way to ignore the life of a YesBut tribe member is to start selling. Become a salesperson or a saleswoman. This is the only alternative that does not require you to shift your status immediately.

All you need to know is that at first you will feel like doing the same routine...cold calling everyday, presenting the business everyday to same customers all over again even describing the same product thousand repeated times to get to your customers customs board.

Start becoming a salesperson...start selling your ideas, reasons, opinions, decisions and then the actual things...trust me this will take you to the place that you have never heard of...

Just to get started as a good sales person you need to decide what is it that you want to sell...it can be anything and it can be sold to anyone. Please do not judge any person by their looks and by their status...their only status is "I am always ready to buy!"

Boys you can start from the movie "Boiler Room" in which play Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel. It is a masterpiece on sales tecniques and sales motivation. Watch it and get your feet going to run away from the most dangerous tribe ( YesBut Tribe)

I will indeed catch up with you later. Good luck watching the movie and making your future plans.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The best story about who we really are! (YesBut Story Part 2)

Stories are the best indicators of any tribe in the world. So I found the story that perfectly points to our YesBut tribe. This tribe is by definition artificial. But it leaves real scars on the minds of those who become members to the tribe. Members of YesBut tribe go to work from 9 to 6 and they have countless routines that they profoundly hate. Yet they tend to be very naive in believing that this scenario will change somehow.

If I recollect correctly it was Einstein that said "It is crazy to do the same things over and over again and yet to expect different outcome as a result. So this tribe operates from 9 yo 6 and all of its members have a job and they are dominantly not happy at all. Not happy with the job, assignments, salary, conditions, future potential and so many other thousands of aspects that a normal person can be not happy with.

Members of this tribe are lost between mundane daily routine and endless taxes that always hit when least expected. Shortage on money heart and dreams is a common attribute of the members and they try to hide it anytime when in public.

Tribe members enjoy free times after work as they are mentioned for time as for leasure and entertainment. The silly part of the time is covered by sleeping and drinking TV. (Watching could not give the same meaning to the actual process.)

These people have no hope for the future and no will to change today because they see their live as a global chaos which is always ignited by the negative news that scream out on any God Damned occasion.

Well to cover up, these people truly believe that they are not responsible for anything that happens to them and that will happen to them in future.

They ridicule God on every day occasion by forgetting to thank Him for all the benefits and opportunities that are given.

Terribly sorry but I will stop typing because my heart stopped while typing about these people.

Will come back later with some fresh story to share...

Part 2

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The most popular tribe was rated and found! It is YesBut Tribe!

Tribes carry essential role in our understanding of system and rituals. We know many tribes and we particularly belong to a tribe already. By definition tribe is a social group. And in order to carry the living force of the group there have to be social and moral values inside the group that are accepted wholly. So what is my point in here? It is to tackle you into one very biting question. What tribe do you belong to? What tribal attributes do you have? Who is your leader and whom do you follow by default?

Recently the most anticipated rating of tribes was over and result is shocking. The most influentual and the most spread tribe in the world today is the YesBut tribe. Well this tribe may not have ancient roots but it sure does have some strong roots that block people from making an ultimate decision of their lives. Decision to prosper. YesBut tribe members have many special commonalities...

1. They always say yes to anything and then immediately use but word! Almost anytime anywhere you here them say yes it is possible but not for us.

2. They tend to de-programme themselves and it happens often that they manage to do so. They say yes I could change my life but right now I am busy. Yes I can change but not this time.

Check out the tendency of this tribe and see if you belong to this tribe. If so please do consider that no success is coming your way under no circumstance. Bad news for you if you have been this tribe's member for years...

Part 1

Part 1