Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 things that women want from men?

Dear Readers,

Today I am going to reveal yet another list posted by Bosh&Bekar Academy. Academy officials say that it was extremely difficult to put this list together. You can not believe the number of desires that we had to delete from the post. Anyways let's go through the presented list of 10 things that women want from men the most:

10 things that women want from men:

Thing number 10: Women want men to give them time for gossip because it is very crucial for their biological development. Gossip is a process when at least two women come together and exchange 10 Gygabyte of information per minute.

Thing number 9: Women want us to be smart as Einstein and to have a solid pack of muscles. Unfortunately this thing is possible only on Adobe Photoshop and women have to make a choice. Head or body?

Thing number 8: Women prefer us to keep our comments about their parking skills to ourselves. According to them it is already a good thing that they manage to stop the car.

Thing number 7: Women want us to stop getting scared when we see them late at night with such harmless face masks.

Thing number 6: Almost every woman wants her man to watch this movie and finally understand that her shopping illness is never going to end or cured by any medicine.

Thing number 5: Women want their men to be confident all the time and make decisions without any hesitation.

Thing number 4: Women want their men to use their eyes for better purpose such as a new coat on that shop-stand which looks nice and can be bought at any time.

Thing number 3: Women want men to understand their passion for shoes and give them some space inside the house for this passion.

Thing number 2: Every woman wants her man to listen to her. May be she has some important thing to say. May be she is hurt or may be she is having a stress...may are you listening?!

Thing number 1: We decided to ask one of the most famous women on earth to help us with the last thing that women can possibly want. She is short but she makes sense.


For your consideration we gathered the other desires of women in one book and we published it with the association of Bosh&Bekar Academy.

This book is available online and you can buy it anytime you will. The problem is you will need at least two men to carry that book out of the store and take it to your house. But we are sure you will find many interesting facts about our ladies in that book as well.

Hope you enjoy reading it. :)