Monday, August 20, 2012

New Message To All Zeek Affiliates World Wide

Dear Zeek Affiliates from all over the world...particularly in United States...

It has been a difficult four day period for all of us. We saw our "opportunity" literally attacked by N.Carolina officials. They started their investigation in the middle of "no sense" depending only on 8 complaints filed by the  customers. (As if they really cared about us "the customers") Where other famous companies suffer from thousands of complaints annually. 

There are couple of things that I want to share as of my personal view...

First of all the "negative news about Zeek being a Ponzi Scheme" is not stated in any governmental declaration. And the only news we hear is from local dispatch news. I mean if this deal is for real then CNN, BBC, ABC, FOX would definitely be involved in shedding some light on events. On the other hand we have powerful manipulative term Ponzi coined by some smart person who knew that if you have nothing to prove against a company at least to leave a negative imprint is the best thing to do. 

I have questions as a customer and an affiliate and I believe millions of Zeek Affiliates will share the same desire to learn the answers to the questions:

1. Why do you start an investigation year and half later?

When company is at its peak doing 600.000.000 $ (reportedly) in transactions? (If the company is doing something illegal according to you why don't you stop it the first day?) Or do you benefit from having "owners" fined a 4.000.000$ and getting your hands on 225.000.000 $ which will of course be somehow used in federal interest.

2.What will happen to banks if all customers withdraw their money at the same time? Will they have enough deposit money to pay back? Why Banks never officially labeled as Ponzi?

Banks operate on the very Ponzi Scheme in which first customers provide bank with endless possibilities of making money via them. The difference is only banks benefit from debt or crisis every single time and they are backed by federal reserve meaning is you are backed up "The Ponzi Label" goes away. Later coming customer are given credit only because the previous one had invested before hand. No need to be Einstein to   understand that we are being ripped. 

3. When will the MLM competition be healty and reasonable?

As I open any Zeekrewards social page I get to see hundreds of invitations by other "company" representatives...trying to rescue us, give us some hope or "this time it is going to be different business opportunity" ... It is not only temporary but also ignorant to think that what happened to Zeek will not happen to other companies...the only reason the other companies are not questioned by authorities is that they are not that God Damn Successful where more than 50% of distributors make decent money. Trust me if any company or venture makes that much money in such short period they will all be attacked as well. But they are not that Good! So please understand that we are all on the same ship and if the ship is sinking we are all sinking. Instead be supportive and sign the petition to White House as well....because soon or late these bells will ring for you as well. 

4. What can Affiliates all over the World do?

Some people prefer to give up and start acting a victim. I have news for them.... nobody gives a damn about victims in life. Only those who are brave and courageous make it happen in life. Zeek is our business and our opportunity to live a free man's life where we do not belong to any bank or debt institution. We can not let this venture be shut by couple of officials who think they are smarter and stronger than millions of online marketers united. You must sign the petition, you must e-mail and call the NC Attorney to show that we are not children anymore who can only possibly cry when somebody takes the candy. ZeekRewards is our company  that worked for us. And it needs us now and today we must stand strong in times when economy kills the weakest and nourishes the strongest. 

Please share this message to all online marketers so that they stand for ZeekRewards as well. Because it is not about one particular company it is about the industry in general! 

Sign the petition below and let others hear YOUR VOICE: