Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Law Firm SNR Denton Warned Zeek Affiliates

As Troy Dooly recently reported SNR Denton Law Firm received several dozens of emails from Zeek Affiliates. They officially announced that they represented Fun Club USA as the customer against SEC. And the actual payment was already deposited to their account. The exact amount of money and the lawyer who will defend our interests will be soon reported by Troy Dooly (MLM help desk) 

Law firms public relations representative warned those Zeek Affiliates who sent emails to their inbox. This way they made the case more expensive for Fun Club Usa group.

Company offers to send e-mails to another mail :


I think we are to see some big time changes in our anticipation. Listening to Troy I got that positive feeling inside which said everything is going to be fine.

As Troy says, it is the first time when Affiliates unite to figtback with SEC in court. Well, I guess we do not even wonder why that happened.

All Zeek Affiliates were insulted by SEC when they called Zeekrewards a Ponzi Scheme.

We lost our time, money and the most important of all we started to think that we are losing our lifetime opportunity to change our lives.

You can watch Troy Dooly talk about Law Firm Warning (MLM helpdesk) from this link: