Thursday, August 2, 2012

One legend!

I can hardly imagine somebody who does not know this young man from Baltimore. Michael Phelps. This name on its own says a lot about human will to succeed. I am not going to talk about his achievements, medals, contracts and all that glamour. I want to say couple of words on how much of an inspiration he is to young people who are just stepping out to the real world.

I remember how I watched him swim and could not stop moving. As if I was some how connected to this man. He is an absolute source of motivation. He is someone that inspires you to get up from your seat and do something about your body. He inspires many to move and go forward. Of all the photos of Michael this one is the dearest to me. Because this photo depicts how challenges can be fought with. He comes under the water and flies for a fraction of a second. He flies to his dreams. He looks forward from those gargles and he is intense. All of his muscles serve as a servant for him to accomplish that what other only dream about.

Michael is someone who looks ordinary when out of pool but when he dives into it he changes. He inspires many of us who are winners but not decided on the sports yet. I look at him and make my decision about my sport, my passion, my swim!
I look at the monitor and I follow him until the last second when he touches the finish line. I scream just as he raises his hands that give him the next medal.

Genuine people come in very limited edition. They are here to show us the greatness that is inside and the greatness that is to be discovered.

Farewell Michael as you start your new journey in life....which will continue out of the pool. But be sure that you moved many young men's hearts to be better and to fight for the success they all desire!