Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Monk Who Presented To Ferrari

It was May of 2009 when I gave my first official talk to a group of 30 people. To be honest I don’t even remember what I did during that talk because it was not my number one priority back at that time. All I wanted was to end this talk without any major mistakes. But after that particular event I decided to make my speech qualitive. I also looked for ways to boost my slide designs. As I spent days in front of laptop and in various audiences I came across “averages”. Talks that did not inspire, did not call for action were everywhere. And PPT slides….Oh my God!!! 

I worked in an environment that was full of authorities of all sorts that were forced to talk. At least this was impression you got after sitting in a room listening to them. But then I found some incredible guys via Internet. @Garr Reynolds and @NancyDuarte two complete strangers to me and my way of life. Though they were speaking my “language” and their design simply blew me away. They both talked about simplicity and transparency of design. They were against heavy artillery type old school ppts and I completely agreed. They shared major bits of unique information on how to enchant our audience. After I started to implement their techniques my credibility skyrocketed in our office. I received various offers from different consulting firms. I was an average office worker with an average salary. But then I started making decent money through what I loved the most. Talking! Yes companies paid me my months salary for 16 hour courses I gave for their stuff. It is a paradox! How life can change us and our direction in a matter of days. Just like in @RobinSharma story when a lawyer decides to quit after he falls down during a case. I did not need to fall down in order to decide. I needed to find right people and right inspiration in order to move towards ideal life that awaited for me. I immediately left my company which was very famous in my country. I made a presentation with my co-founder ChingizEyvazov  for our idea vitalcv and we got our first major investment from Venture Capital Firm which was a miracle in our days. Right now I am a husband, father, business coach, co-founder and the most important of all a guy who thinks we are all connected to each other even from far continents that divide us. We are mission-freaks and monks who found that inner peace within a roaring technological planet ready to share our energy with those who need it. We are presenters! We are here to demonstrate Gods greatness through our words, slides and punchlines…

As one orator puts it: Usually God sets me on fire and people come to watch me burn.