Friday, August 31, 2012

Wardrobes Women Dream About

One of Dreamers wrote this post and put these photos

If you are dreaming about a big and wide closet with colorful and different things in it- welcome to our planet- you are a real girly girl. And who said that dreaming is bad or time waste. I often watch pictures of big rooms with shoes or clothes, accessories and other different stuff just to please my imagination and feed my dreams again. Every time I feel new power of something new waiting for me somewhere near.

Morning… time to go to work. Morning routine again. I open my tiny closet with shoes, pick up what I want and close with sigh. Thoughts are visiting me “do something, something that can help you to realize your idea about a new wardrobe”.  And suddenly this little, tiny innocent idea leads to a huge one “I need a big apartment J

And here you go –starting everything from the beginning- work harder, try to save money, read more, research. So here are some bright pictures to motivate you. I am sure that everyone has a dream. So Martin Luther King epicly said “I have a dream!”

So everyone let’s all together say “I HAVE A DREAM” and go for them!

Note: Prepared by Parvin Mursagulova