Monday, September 3, 2012

Lies About Zeekrewards Opening Soon

More than one million affiliates wait for new updates on Zeek and the case with SEC. Everybody is intense and cautious of any news that will bring a tine piece of hope. Meanwhile I get to see some cold blooded people who do not care about our emotions and our worry. They simply go out there and put ''false" information out to web.

Recently, some "enthusiasts" put old videos of Troy Dooly with a EDITED TITLE which says Zeek Will Open Before 10th of September. I want to warn you that any information of that sort is not only source-proven but provocative for many Zeek Affiliates. We already deal with reckless federal powers who keep our 225.000.000 in the hands promising to give them back while making sure the whole process will take at least couple of years. On the other hand there is a process between Fun Club USA and SEC which has to undergo a certain number of stages.

We all need to understand that such cases do not resolve in couple of days. In our case it is better late than never. As we wait for some positive news it is highly recommended that we get information from a solid source. Otherwise we lose credit everytime we give false information to our affiliates.

I understand that it is tremendously hard and patience sucking effort to wait and to fight for Zeek but please do not misinform people with old videos or rumors that have no solid source.

Right now all we have to do is follow the work of Law Firm SNR Denton and our beloved affiliate Robert who is represented in FunClub USA...may God grant us all with patience and endurance.

May all our dreams become true...especially those that we correlated with Zeekrewards Opportunity...

So, again...if you see any "spoilt" video, blogpost or facebook post just report it as a spam and inform people about it.

The best resource so far is which was put up by Zeek Affiliates Who were against the illegal act of SEC.

The remainder of news are better to be re-evaluated and not accepted as a fact.

I wish you all good luck.