Thursday, December 29, 2011

To sleep or not to sleep? What do you think?

Dear Dreamers,

I want to share my feelings about global deprivation of sleep and its impact in the modern world. You are all welcome to answer these questions and share them so that we get massive awareness about importance of sleep. Today when we have tons of reasons not to sleep and it is getting really hard to get some solid arguments to convince people to stop sitting in front of the computer, tv, in the bar or elsewhere that reduces our sleep hours.

In this post we have some sleeping enthusiasts that call us to join them anywhere we can and any time we can. Let us all hear these 10 questions and start getting more sleep so that we achieve our dreams and change our life for better.

Question 10 : Do you hate your alarm clock and plan to do something illegal about it?

Question 9: Do you find yourself inside of a toilet not remembering what you came for?

Question 8: Do you look for any possible place to take some nap after lunch time?

Question 7:  Do you feel like you are no different from a computer anymore and shut down option is removed so you go 24/7?

Question 6: Do you feel that you did not need to buy that luxury bed and settle with something ordinary so that it don't hurt when you sleep in some other place?

Question 5: Do you wish everything was like in Japan or Korea as soon as possible?

Question 4: Did you broke up with your girlfriend just because you were literally not able to answer her questions such as "Do you love me?" or "Did you cheat on me?"

Question 3: Did your boss fire you just because you were not awake enough to react to that stupid joke?

Question 2: Did you stop thinking about what others will say and become more confident in respect to sleep?

Question 1: Do you wish you were a baby again and had this face with no signs of haste, trouble and stress back?

If you say yes to all of these questions you better start sleeping more which means more than 6 hours and less than 9 hours as to keep the health balance. Good sleep to you all my dreamers!