Thursday, November 10, 2011

The most popular tribe was rated and found! It is YesBut Tribe!

Tribes carry essential role in our understanding of system and rituals. We know many tribes and we particularly belong to a tribe already. By definition tribe is a social group. And in order to carry the living force of the group there have to be social and moral values inside the group that are accepted wholly. So what is my point in here? It is to tackle you into one very biting question. What tribe do you belong to? What tribal attributes do you have? Who is your leader and whom do you follow by default?

Recently the most anticipated rating of tribes was over and result is shocking. The most influentual and the most spread tribe in the world today is the YesBut tribe. Well this tribe may not have ancient roots but it sure does have some strong roots that block people from making an ultimate decision of their lives. Decision to prosper. YesBut tribe members have many special commonalities...

1. They always say yes to anything and then immediately use but word! Almost anytime anywhere you here them say yes it is possible but not for us.

2. They tend to de-programme themselves and it happens often that they manage to do so. They say yes I could change my life but right now I am busy. Yes I can change but not this time.

Check out the tendency of this tribe and see if you belong to this tribe. If so please do consider that no success is coming your way under no circumstance. Bad news for you if you have been this tribe's member for years...

Part 1

Part 1