Friday, November 11, 2011

The best story about who we really are! (YesBut Story Part 2)

Stories are the best indicators of any tribe in the world. So I found the story that perfectly points to our YesBut tribe. This tribe is by definition artificial. But it leaves real scars on the minds of those who become members to the tribe. Members of YesBut tribe go to work from 9 to 6 and they have countless routines that they profoundly hate. Yet they tend to be very naive in believing that this scenario will change somehow.

If I recollect correctly it was Einstein that said "It is crazy to do the same things over and over again and yet to expect different outcome as a result. So this tribe operates from 9 yo 6 and all of its members have a job and they are dominantly not happy at all. Not happy with the job, assignments, salary, conditions, future potential and so many other thousands of aspects that a normal person can be not happy with.

Members of this tribe are lost between mundane daily routine and endless taxes that always hit when least expected. Shortage on money heart and dreams is a common attribute of the members and they try to hide it anytime when in public.

Tribe members enjoy free times after work as they are mentioned for time as for leasure and entertainment. The silly part of the time is covered by sleeping and drinking TV. (Watching could not give the same meaning to the actual process.)

These people have no hope for the future and no will to change today because they see their live as a global chaos which is always ignited by the negative news that scream out on any God Damned occasion.

Well to cover up, these people truly believe that they are not responsible for anything that happens to them and that will happen to them in future.

They ridicule God on every day occasion by forgetting to thank Him for all the benefits and opportunities that are given.

Terribly sorry but I will stop typing because my heart stopped while typing about these people.

Will come back later with some fresh story to share...

Part 2