Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are you happy with your life or you have no time to think about it?

It is funny that we find it hard to answer the most important question that matters to us just because we have no time. I would put it the other way. I usually replied in such manner when I found it hard to answer that very question about happiness? I did not know if I really was happy or not. I had so many masks for so many occasions and there had to be the mask for HAPPINESS. I still get trouble when answering this challenging question which rips every inch in my heart that also beats like clock.

What is time to us? A friend or an enemy? A companion or a dictator? If you ask me I rather say that time is what we feel about it! But it is very important that you ask yourself about your life, your happiness. If not today then when? If not here then where? If not you then who get a chance to be HAPPY?

Everyday we go to sleep and wake up and this routine should better have an explanation or a masterplan behind. Otherwise we all get ill about the outcome which leaves no room for hope and enthusiasm. It is evening time and I have only 5 hours before I go to sleep. I die for 7 hours and then resurrect for next 17 hours every God given day. Numbers have to have a meaning either when I sleep or work. Meaning or Happiness? Do we get happy just because we understand something? No! Do we get happy just because we know something? No! Do we get happy just because we did something? No!

 We get happy even when there is no logic involved in it. Just like this little girl which holds her potato and she feels as if the whole world is hers. I bet she is happier than any scolar, politician, lawyer, artist and etc. Not because she is a kid. But because she does not involve any reason to be happy when any reason seems to come in handy.

I deeply believe that we all must learn from her and we all must give some time to re-think our lives and Happy moments that never seem to be enough.