Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seven Dream Killer Questions We Hear Daily

I was looking for definition of terror and found out one in wikipedia. Let's evaluate it closely.

 Terror, from the Latin verb  terrere meaning "to frighten"
The emotion of terror is an extreme form of fear that results in paralysis of the will. (Other forms of fear can lead to more active fight or flight responses.)

We need to cut this definition in two pieces. First piece is "paralysis of the will" and the second is "fear that leads to active fight".

My blog serves a sole purpose on activating people's will to do something about their lives and to change for better. In order to change we need to define the enemy that can stop or interrupt us. Who is enemy to those who want success and abundance in life? Whom should we ignore if we want to make it happen?

The answer is simple as given in definition. We are to avoid those who paralize our will and those who make us insecure. Our enemies are the most ancient terrorists or so called DREAMKILLERS.


Here are the 7 questions that Dreamkillers use to terrorize those who want to succeed:

Question 1.

How could you think it is possible?

Question 2.

When are you going to be a realist? 

Question 3.

How could a person like you with a great potential think about it?

Question 4.

Did you think about your family or friends?

Question 5.

Where is your logic?

Question 6.

When are you going to grow up?

Question 7.

Why can't you be just like anyone else?

All of these questions serve only egoistic purpose for those who did not do anything at all or gave up at some point in life and became normal. Avoid a person if his questions to you look alike? Do not worry! This world is full of strong people. You will find your team and make it happen! Do research and find your soulmates who share the same ideas and opinions. Go and take success wherever it is!!! If you have an idea go for it! Never give up just because someone asks you such terroristic questions! Go until the end and make your idea a reality for all to accept just like Wright Brothers, Graham Bell, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Sir Ken Robinson and many other idealists and dreamers!