Sunday, May 20, 2012

5000 visitor mark is crossed!

I am so happy to announce that Dreamer Union Inc blog has just crossed the 5000 visitor mark. Not long ago when I just started my blogging journey I did not imagine such result in such a short time. I want to personally thank every single reader and follower for their pure interest in my posts. I fully acknowledge the level of responsibility that is granted to me starting from this level on.

I believe my blog will continue to inspire, entertain and motivate thoushands. I also believe that people that inspired me along the way will continue doing so.

As we hit the 5000 mark in less than 5 months I want to share some interesting facts about the blog statistics. The all time best read article is "How to make a vision board?" which took lead from "What Young Azeri Men Dream About?" Both articles were read more than 1200 times.

Another amazing aspect is a humanly nature of those who search for Ukrainian girls. Their efforts in search ended up in top listed key word that has been search so far just after the vision board word.

I am very open to any kind of advice and suggestion or offer.
Please do not hesitate to write me via e-mail:  I will be more than glad to consider your offers and ideas on how to modify the blog.

Thank you very much!