Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What happened to Spartans?

Once they were Spartans, now they are broke...

Greece is going through the dark times and playing a good demonstrative role to other countries which act "naive". Yesterday I was watching Euronews and I was listening to how people were given "free aid and food". I thought it was some African tribe but then I realized it was Greece. Yes, Greece.

Rich history, rich traditions, rich culture and poor economy. I would rather say no economy. Funny how things can change if you give your money to couple of bank owners and watch how they rape you for the rest of your life. Exactly rape you.

Yes, no one cares about "ordinary people" proudly labeled as "citizens". No one cares! The list is amazingly huge so I will just count till "Government, Politicians, Bankers, Treasure funds, and all the other "big guys with funny looking ties."

Trillions in debt and American Government thinks about saving the banks. Billions in debt and Spanish Government thinks about saving their banks. I guess in this case the very word "bank" is used instead of  "ass". Saving your own ass sounds more selfish than saving banks.

What amazes me is the methods "they" use to fight "crisis". Plan is simple. We mess up and citizens pay until the rest of their lives. Cut the salaries, pump up the taxes, in fact cut the jobs. I wonder why they don't cut the people before hands in order to save the energy and water supplies.

It sickens me when someone out G20 says we will take all the necessary actions to stop the "crisis". This very moment I get scared for the next country that they will reap, rape and ruin.

If you look for necessary actions the first action would be to fire thousands of politicians that support dozens of banks. That will save us a lifetime. Give them some "farming" job so that they really give us some benefits.

More than 400 billion dollars to be printed in upcoming year. Guess where they will all go. Ah yes, to the pockets of proud citizens.

I condemn things that are happening particularly in Greece and Spain where government sells their citizens to "currency" and destroys the economy by diving into the pool of debt where "giant sharks" awate to eat the next victims.