Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Salary and Our Orgasms...

Two Things that should last long?

We saw this from our parents. And we guess our parents saw it from their parents. I think the first person who worked for money should have better been executed for all the international crime he committed. He should be slaughtered and cut to pieces and then thrown out to lions. 

Money is root of all evil. This is why most of people are poor. They are poor because they want to be good. Does not sound convincing to me. I would say we are poor because we think that we have no other option. Show us some way and we will grab its balls to get out of the insane life that we experience daily. Look at all lottery players, online betting fanatics, gamblers and etc.  

Being poor is not interesting at all. The same things every day. Nothing changes in a poor mans life. I don't even want to talk about his sexual life. There is a Japanese saying "No money, no happiness". I think Japanese people considered  the sexual dysfunctionality of a male when he realizes that he can not sustain his family no more. 

It has always been my passion to compare things to each other and see the unique truth within the comparison. What can be compared to our salary better than our orgasms? Nothing. 

Everybody dreams about a decent orgasm. Well the same goes for a decent salary. Everything done during the act of intercourse serves a end-purpose to reach orgasm. Everything done during working hours serves a purpose to receive that pay-cheque at the end of the month. It is so scary to see people count their days as if they don't matter. They may matter but not like the pay-day. We want time to fly not realizing that it is given to us with limited amounts. 

For an ideal orgasm you need an ideal partner. A partner that you love, desire, want and think about all the time. You can not reach your peak state with someone you hate, dislike, disregard or even avoid. (Some people live with partners that they barely stand. This leads to imitations of orgasms. It is when you sleep with someone but dream about someone else.)

For an ideal salary you need an ideal career. Meaning you got to love what you do and do what you love. Most of us are in jobs that hardly match their dreams.  I guess you can figure out what they feel when they think about their salaries. (I can already hear words such it is better than nothing.)  It is like making love to a woman and saying it is better than nothing. Only few people realize that there are countless options waiting for us to be taken. It is not only one option game. This job is not ordained to you by some early ancestor or relative. It must be your choice when it comes to where you work and who you sleep with. Only this way you reach your potential at its peak. Period. 

When you reach orgasm everything in your body vibrates and you feel so divine. You become numb for a little fraction of a time. When you reach to the ATM you forget about everything you did previously within that month. There is this moment now and nothing else matters. You are blocked away from reality. The reality is that orgasm lasts only a few seconds. The same happens after you get your cash and go away from ATM machine calculating your debts, credit payments, house bills and other stuff that leaves you with a long lasting discomfort.

These two words have so much in common. Salary and Orgasm. Millions of people desire them both but get lousy versions that can never match the real deal. Today we see people that imitate orgasms and we see salaries that imitate money.  

I wish you all a life with no limitations and imitations. A life where 30 days matter. A life where each new day is not a replica but unique with its challenges. A life where you live, not work from 9 to 6 until you die. A life where you are happy because you do not worry about money and a partner to love  anymore.

And remember money is a tool. Any tool in the hands of a good man serves a good cause. (Be it a charity, or gifts to those he loves or be it thoushands of families sustained through his business.)