Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I still remember the 31st August of 1996. I was a fourth grader when that miraculous day happened. It was 26th minute of Azerbaijan - Switzerland Football match. (For 1998 World Cup Qualifiers)

Nazim Suleymanov scored and the whole Azerbaijan went wild. So wild that you could easilyhear the roaring thousands all over the cities. That very goal meant a lot for my country. Azeris needed some miracle like this which happened right on time.
Ask anyone who watched the match you will still see energy flowing out of them as they speak.
As to me, I made it safe that day because I was at the barber shop when the actual match happened and I managed to dodge the scissors of a barber who was so excited that he forget what he previously did. I loved watching the fire inside people's eyes. Fire was all over the country I guess.

16 years passed from that event and I did not hear Baku roar, scream and go crazy like that ever since. All these years Azerbaijan changed dramatically but I could not see the same drive in people's heart. The only event that could replace Nizami Suleymanov's goal would be Eldar and Nigar getting the first place in Eurovision 2011. Azerbaijan was so hungry for that Winner Feeling since 1996 that these sweet couple gave us what we wanted. They gave us the first place.

I was sleeping at that moment when I heard my neighborhood go crazy. I personally did not care about the event I just enjoyed the fact that we took the first place. Though my mom and dad had the very fire in their eyes. Fire of hope for better future. Fire which no one could possibly fight.

As for my country it was a second chance to go for the opportunity of a lifetime. To be internationally recognized once again. Of course any sports fan will easily detect us in Olympic Games or any other international sports event. Let alone the fact that we are always associated with oil and gas which does not sound too enthusiastic. Oil and gas are one of the best fire ignition sources on earth. But to be honest I don't think that these two resources will work for Azeris who want to experience a different kind of fire. Fire of love and inspiration will carry us to a better state.

So May 22, the first semi-final will start and Azerbaijan will host one of the most prestigious events in history. Let's see what awaits us in May.

Right now Azerbaijan is undergoing a lot of political and social transformations simultaneously. Most of these changes serve for our brighter future. But as I said previously people need to charge themselves emotionally. Especially when groups from the same origin collide for different aims that are targeted for the same goals.

This time I hope I will be located properly when BAKU city will be celebrating the opening ceremony. (No barbershop this time)

I hope to see that fire light again!