Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The whole world is waiting for you!

A lot of questions come and go. They all expire at some point in life. But some questions always linger in your mind. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I?

These questions are simply put. Though they require an immediate reply. Most of us will never answer. We avoid them trying to dodge at times. Some of us answer for the answering sake. None will be completely satisfied. But only some of us will dare to remain truthful to themselves. Truth in this case is simply admitting that we don't know our purpose in the beginning. We may not know it in the middle of journey. But at the end we will all have the pieces to our puzzle.

So, I dare you to start with admitting...then continue with searching...search for your inner voice...see for yourself what makes you different than others. See what your "mission" is. Become what you are supposed to be.

I know it sounds to sweet and easy. But it is worth a try...thousand tries...To search for your fundamental identity...

Anywhere you go you will see it coming after you...anytime you start convincing yourself that it is no use giving it a try...anytime you do that...know that you are working against HIS will.

God has ordained everyone of us to take a special role. We try several roles but only one becomes our dearest. Only one.

This role requires no masks, no false assumptions, no conflicts. This role is a messenger of our inner peace. Peace that we always seek but rarely find.

Obsession is what drives us towards our mission. We are never fully satisfied untill we find our purpose. We can not sleep at nights until we have unresolved matters.

Each one of us has the ability to make a difference. We are special. Any influential speaker on earth is constantly hammering this point to his audience.

They feel the special fire inside. Fire that brings people together. Fire that lights many other fires.

When you find your voice you instantly change your surrounding. Your voice becomes pure and energy full. As you speak people want to hear more...they want to follow...because they also have questions inside that require answers...

Grab your microphone and speak out...speak as a man that found his purpose in life. Only then you will have a privilige of being happy and fulfilled.

Good Luck!