Sunday, November 11, 2012

GlobalOne Paid The First Commissions

Yesterday I looked at my ultimatepowerprofits account and I got a nice suprice it had dollars showing in it. After 4 months of waiting I can finally feel some "realness" of the deal. Yes, this is not a big chunk of money but a big promise. 

Yes, it is those time when we all became suspicious after ZEEK case because we saw that U.S SEC can get its hands into a business anytime they desire grab couple of millions and leave people uncertain about their futures. 

Global One Company will have a lot of challenges along the way. It will be hard to deal with most of them. Somehow I want to believe in these guys. Not because they are so good or trustworthy but because internet money is some kind of "fresh oxygen" in our lives. We the people make money online and it is essential for us to be sure that cashflow will be constant and flawless. It is our dream to make our 1st million via online. Thousands of men and women rely on the web-based venues. 

All I can say that we do multiple business because we are skeptical though I can see Global One do it at least for 1 year...1 year is enough to make some decent cash. 

One year is enough before some Comittee comes and starts declaring their PIMP ownership. So I guess we better be active and agressive for at least one year!

I am very positive after my account details exhibit some cash. Good Luck To All GlobalOne Guys!