Monday, March 5, 2012

Your Vision Your Direction!

You heard it before and will hear it after but I am here to testify the truth I discovered in my life. Without specific course of vision we go nowhere. We live to die only. Days just go by not even looking at our face.

So there come these questions. How do we come up with a vision? Where do we get our direction from?

Well in my case I was always aware of all the signs that were put up in front of me. My grandma, my father, my business experience, my military service, my travel experiences...these all led me to my coaching vision. Everywhere I went made me realize that I can express myself in a matter that others can easily understand and take direction from. I was sort of a personal navigator to whom people would come up and ask about help...advice...or opinion...I also realized that I can share my experience with thousands and change their life for better! From that moment on I never stopped and took my course in life as a personal coach who worked one-on-one with people of all variety and age!

I just used to stand in front of mirror and talk to crowds that were not there yet. But recently, I get the crowd, I get people to coach. I get what I always dream about.

The last experience I had was Face to Face Customer Service Training that I conducted at Hyatt Regency Hotel (28-29 february 2012).  

I  covered topics such as "problem customer myth", "objection handling", "asking the right question" and "personal motivation for achieving more" and etc.

The funny thing was I already conducted such trainings in front of our mirror when I was not even employed in Azercell be clear I faked myself daily until I made it real time.

I looked at those face that represented banks and insurance companies and thought for a while...what if it is only the beggining. What else can I do with just standing in front of mirror and visualizing the life I dream about. Of course you must study hard and get the prior knowledge but they are not defining your stimulus. They just technically support you. Whereas your emotional fitness to do your thing matters the most. Once you realize it everything becomes much easier.

I also remember how I used to sign napkins and think about importance of my signature. I did it thoushand times until I got to sign certificates that proved eligibility of participation in corporate trainings. This is how you do it! Just like golf players. You swing it thousand times until it becomes reality and you forget which one is real and which one is just practise!

Amazing journey has to be taken in our minds first. Only then we have a plan...we have a "prior experience" to do it again!

I visualized many things in my life and today I have them in real with my beautiful wife...travels career as a mentor (coach)... success is everywhere! The question is where you stand at any given time?

Do you see your success? Your victory! Your move! Your chance!

Do you see it?

If not just concentrate better and keep on visualizing it until you reach the potential that you can ultimately reach!

Only this way life will be lived to its fullest...

Enjoy your vision and your success!

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