Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby On Board

This all started when I was born. I opened my eyes and it was light that I saw the first. Comfortable with the previous months of darkness I felt insecurity outside. Darkness had friendly conditioning. It was me and only me. Outside was loud and crowded. I was one of them. I soon realized it was not only about me anymore. I had to adjust.

Sometimes I tried to rebel against them with using my own methods such as crying and irritating. I did not want to give up my status. I did not want to betray my identity. Soon I understood that my body was not strong enough to rebel. So, I decided to be more political. I used my sweetness, cuteness, babyness when I wanted the things done for me. I used my irresistible smile. It was success guaranteed. The funny thing is they did everything for free and without expecting anything in return. Sometimes they amazed me with their patience. I personally would never last with a baby like me. (Always want food, drink, clean clothes, candies and toys)

Years passed my body got more strength and I was getting ready for the rebellion. I already wrote the script for my self-manifestation. After all these years I did not feel the same passion for rebelling. They changed me. They made me different. I was disciplined. I took regular amount of love from them. Sometimes I got overdose of it. They gave so much of love that I finally broke down. I started to give back. It was strange for me. All these years I was the receiver and now it was my turn. It was my turn to be like them.  Like my parents. My mom and dad.

January 7th 2012. I learned that my wife is expecting a baby. Little copy of me was on its way from darkness to light. From loneliness to parents company. As my thoughts traveled inside my mind I remembered my parents and their love. I felt secure and confident. I felt ready to be just like them. My parents!

I dedicate this little post to them.