Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coming back from a Kiev Trip...

When I got into a Windrose plane Idid not have a slight idea about what to expect during my Kiev Trip. Though I suspected some interesting chain of events and people across the city.

The main goal of my trip was to get certified by Elena Sidorenka a well-known Russian trainer who was going to do a master class session for us.

So I hoped to get a good doze of knowledge and some training skills. Meanwhile I planned to get some good scope of the city itself.

My first night in the hotel was amazingly quiet. The next day was just hilarious considering the fact that my room was flooded and I was in shock. After 5 emergency calls I had a priviledge to see a technician in my long gone room. As he started fight with a flooding monster inside the bathroom. I went down stairs to get a new room.

I must admit that front desk team of Lybid Hotel performed in a very professional manner. I got my new room which was better and had a beautiful view from the window.

After all the water action I got to meet Lady Larisa who was to take us to Gorkogo 43 where the training was planned to happen.

She reminded me of Bohemian times lady which gracefully talked and drived. By the way her graceful driving pissed a lot of drivers who honked all the way back. But she ignored them with a dazzling smile in her 50-60 year old face.

Anyways I think the best part of my Kiev Trip happened within the actual training event. Sidorenko hit the home run every day with her tremendous voice tone and training skills that were acquired for years.

I could not stop listening to her mini-sessions and jotting down everything she uttered. She was a genius!

We had couple of extra hours after the training so we had to do silmultanious-multi tasking inside the city.

By the way the whole Ukraine seemed to be exited about European Football Championship 2012 and we heard construction noise all over the place. I loved the Olympic Stadium and how it was designed. I guess it pack about 45.000 fans in it.

In order to be short and brief at the same time I would like to point out some things about Kiev and its people. (5 days are not enough but still will go for it)

Streets are beautiful especially with a combination of classical facade houses and modern business plazas. Roads are wide and dynamic. Drivers are far to ignorant of each other. People are cold when dealing with foreigners but some exceptions are really amazing. Especially Kirilyuk Family which supported us these 5 days. A combination of two energetic young partners (family/business) and experts in child management. (3 kids) they impressed me personally with all their love and working style. I still wonder how they found time to handle everything they had to handle.

Anyways overall Kiev was a great place full with shopping malls, drunk young men swinging around the center, young girls who were all naturally assembled to be a top model and delicious sweets especially cakes...(Definitely suggest to taste)

This trip will leave a positive imprint on my memory and career.

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